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Gardening looks so easy and so fun, especially when others do it, right? Then you try it at home, and you’re suddenly on a spree of which plant will dry out of life the fastest. 

That is not so fun.

If you’re panicking about the current condition of your plants, don’t do it just yet. Virtual Plant consultations are here for you to try. 

At Plant Judo, there are tons of blogs, collections, tips and testimonies from plant parents and enthusiasts of gardening. 

It’ll ease you into the routine of how to care for something as fragile as a plant and how fulfilling it can be when you’ve taken care of it properly.

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Growing Garden Plants Is Not Easy On Everybody

Don’t panic if you’ve suffered plant deaths in the past. Keeping plants alive can be simplified by choosing the proper plants and following a few basic guidelines. 

Trust us; plants struggle to live as much as you wish for them to survive. 

Sometimes they get too much water and too little sunlight, but often they do not, and that’s mostly the problem. But these don’t mean the end of the world. You can keep trying. 

And when you pick yourself up for the next time, you can even try for an unkillable plant to start easy.

There’s just something about raising a plant as they are, without considering how it wouldn’t die in any circumstance because if you’re reading this, you’re for sure wanting to know how to keep your plants alive.

The solution is always an experience. It doesn’t have to be yours in that sense. You can make these solutions with someone else experience. 

No one is an expert on the first try. Or the second. Sometimes not even on the third. 

Well, generally, growing a plant takes time and a helping hand.

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There are Cheat Sheets, Also Known As The Expertise of People With Green Thumbs

All over the internet, there are always tips and techniques on how to care for plants. Different platforms and sites provide specific lists of how to do this and that. 

The problem arrives when you have too many questions and so few references. There can be multiple posts about a particular plant, but none for your specific points of concern

That’s gotta be tough. 

And we include the highly probable fact that you might be panicking about whether you’ve already killed your plant or not. Situations where no amount of refreshing or searching is helping you find new lists on plant guidelines.

Virtual plant consultations would be the very best for you and your plant.

Plant Judo Is Where It All Is

Plant Judo is an online hub representing enthusiasts for anything plant-related. 

It’s made to keep helping those interested in keeping their plants alive. 

The team over at Plant Judo presents you with a wide range of information on how to care for any plant. There is happiness in watching life form at your fingertips. 

Plants are not to be appreciated just for their beauty; they are far more complex than that. Taking that plant seed and nurturing it till it blooms is a spiritual experience few people get to feel.

You can be one of those that can experience it with the help of our consulting services. 

Our online hub and community is an excellent place to learn more about gardening and to see what other people are doing to liven up their homes by growing plants.

There are blogs for any dilemma, from starting plant parents to plant enthusiasts that want to explore more variety in decorating their space with new and different types of plants—even to interior designers that can help you figure out where your plant would look best and live their best in your home. 

This is all attainable through virtual plant consulting. 

It’s convenient for when you want to ask about inquiries that never seem to show up when you look for them online, and it’s more reliable, as the experts at Plant Judo would give advice directly for your plant and your lifestyle.

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That answer you can’t get anywhere else. 

We’ll even discuss case studies and psychological studies demonstrating how gardening can be good for the human mind and how relaxing it can be for those who live fast-paced lives.

It’s a consultation specific to you and your plants. You won’t have to hesitate or feel small when you ask about anything you need. 

The virtual plant consultation will be beneficial, especially for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

We're Rooting For You, The Same Way You're Rooting For Your Plants

Now you finally know the secret, isn’t gardening all the more exciting? 

You get to read many blogs and talk to different people over at the community at Plant Judo. You won’t be letting any plants die when you get that consultation. 

We’ll be your plant coach while you do the planting your way, under our consultation of what’s best for you and your plants. Maybe even your interior environment. 

You can get so good at growing plants you wouldn’t be able to stop putting them around your home. We have experts for that kind of situation too. We’ll just be here.

Yes, go ahead. Go talk to your plants. It’s fun, and it’s relaxing. 

And if they don’t answer with a healthy bloom, maybe it’s time for a virtual consultation. Ask away.

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Yes, you can. Happy plants often have glossy dark green leaves, vibrant petals, and pale roots. If you overwater it, the ends will become yellow, and the rhizome will turn brown or black. The consistency of colour is important: for example, if the leaves get damaged or are attacked by parasites, they will develop dots. They respond to their surroundings, so play some soothing and upbeat music while tending to keep your plant happy.

Choosing healthy plants entails attentively inspecting all plant parts, beginning with the most noticeable part, the leaves. A healthy plant should have a lot of new growth. Except for plants with bi-coloured or multicoloured leaves, most plants should have green leaves that are brilliant and even in hue. 

Keep an eye out for pests and diseases. Examine the undersides of the leaves as well as the joints where the stem connects to the leaves. Healthy roots are also what make a healthy plant. Check if your plant is rootbound or if the roots are already growing out of the pot.

Working in the garden and interacting with nature has the added advantage of slowing down and calming your mind. Gardening, by definition, entails getting your hands dirty in the dirt. While our world despises dirt, and so goes our immune systems, dirt is actually beneficial. In fact, a lack of dirt and the organisms that live in it has been related to an increase in auto-immune illness. Soil is a fantastic source of naturally occurring bacteria, minerals, and microbes. 

Regular contact with dirt exposes the body to helpful microorganisms that can improve the immune system. Because good bacteria and gut health are so important to general health, it stands to reason that the immune-boosting characteristics of soil might also promote longevity. 

Gardening is often during the day. Therefore one is constantly in the sun when maintaining a garden. Because Vitamin D is protective against some forms of cancer and heart disease, it makes sense that people with greater Vitamin D levels may live longer.

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