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After the pandemic began, gardening became more popular. It is estimated that over seven million people have taken gardening classes since. This is no coincidence. 

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the United Kingdom (UK). According to a survey, most respondents agreed that gardens and outdoor spaces helped relieve anxiety and stress, contributing to mental well-being. Thus, gardening, plants, and flowers expenditure in the UK increased by 6.2 billion pounds in 2020.

With this new influx of first-time gardeners, more people need expert gardeners’ guidance. Looking up information online can only help so much. Gardeners need hands-on training and expert-level advice if they want to continue keeping their plants in tip-top shape.

This is where Plant Judo and our highly skilled plant consultants come in. We are here to ensure you achieve your gardening goals and give you some direction and well-proven advice. 

If you are a first-time gardener needing help, book a call with us today.

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What Is A Plant Consultant?

A plant consultant is a gardener trained to help you define your planting goals. They will create a plan tailored specifically to you based on these goals. They will be alongside you every step, ensuring you are well on your way to achieving the plant space of your dreams.

An Overview Of How Plant Consultants Work

A plant consultant will usually start with a consultation. They will come to your house and view your planting space in person. Consultations can also be done via Zoom.

You will be asked some questions to gain a better understanding of your gardening experience, your goals, your successes and your struggles.

If you plan on starting a brand new indoor planting space, they will help you choose the optimal location for what you would like to grow. They will measure the available space and give you a few options to choose from.

Once the initial consultation has been concluded, the consultant will put together a tailor-made plan based on your planting needs, experience level and goals, among other things.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Plant Consultant

A plant consultant is usually needed for their vast gardening knowledge and experience. Since the internet isn’t always reliable, a plant consultant can be invaluable for gaining plant-specific advice.

Here are three benefits you will get when you consider our specialists from Plant Judo:

Vast Knowledge On Climates And Growing Conditions

Growing tomatoes in hot, dry conditions is not the same as growing tomatoes in a cool, wet climate. The same plant may have different requirements in varying climates. This is why plant consultants are so important. They can tell you how long your growing season is, how it will impact what you can grow and when you can grow it. They will be able to give you insights into common plant pests in your area and how you can deal with them.

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Experienced Gardeners

Plant consultants are experienced gardeners and can guide you through every aspect of being one. They advise where to buy the best seeds and which plant nurseries you should use. They know which plants are buddies will be buddies in your space and which plants you need to keep away from each other.

Tailor-Made Plans

With their years of gardening experience and vast gardening knowledge, plant consultants can devise a plan of attack for dealing with any gardening mishaps. With this plan in hand, you will be able to achieve your gardening goals, no matter how simple or complex they may be. They will help you get set up and offer advice and guidance throughout the growing season.

How Plant Judo Can Help You Start The Perfect Plant Space

Plant Judo is not only a business but also a community filled with people with a deep love and admiration for plants. Our team has decades of expert-level gardening knowledge and expertise. We believe that to grow the gardening community; we should welcome newcomers with open arms and share our experiences with them.

Plant consulting is one such way in which we uphold that belief. Our plant consulting services manifest in the following ways.

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We will evaluate your space, your lifestyle and your schedule to draft up a blueprint that is tailored to you. We can help you figure out which plants will suit your lifestyle, where to place them within your space and how to take care of them.


After the evaluation, we will help you choose the blueprint that fits your needs and budget. We will help you get started and offer any guidance, tips and tricks you might need. 


Plant Judo has a thriving online community that you can become a part of. Our community is great for gathering more information and learning about gardening. Your fellow gardeners will often share what they are doing, and as such, our community is a great place to gain inspiration for what your gardening space might become

 Call Plant Judo today and learn more about what we can do to help you get the gardening space of your dreams.


Although plant consultants and gardening coaches are similar, they have a distinction.

Garden coaches are not only passionate about gardening but are also motivated to help other gardeners learn the pure joy of picking food and flowers from their own backyard every day. Providing tips, tricks, and gardening coaching along the way, garden coaches help clients find easy success in their gardens by designing, installing, planning, planting, and growing their own very own gardens.

On the other hand, Plant consultants are experienced gardeners trained to help you define your gardening goals, develop a tailored plan for achieving those goals, and guide you every step of the way. They can answer questions, provide wisdom and advice, and ensure success.

The cost of our consulting services varies depending on the scope of the services you require. If you need a quote, please do not hesitate to call us.

The specifics of a plant consultant session will depend on the services you and your garden need. Still, generally, you can expect to receive advice and guidance on various aspects of plant care and maintenance.

A plant consultant session may also include the assessment of the health of your plants and recommendations on how to improve it.

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