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Make Your Trees Happier Than Ever With Our Plant Pots For Trees Here at Plant Judo

It is easy to add colour, texture, and scale to your outdoor garden by growing trees in pots. But it can be tricky to get the right one.

Every landscape can enhance its peace, beauty, and wilderness with greenery. Any garden design can use evergreens to enhance its background or focal point, no matter how big or tiny.

It can be overwhelming to realise that plant pots are an essential component when you see the variety of options available.

You’ll be surprised to learn how potted greenery is impacted by various factors, like the pot’s size, material, colour, style, weight, etc.

You can use trees to frame entrances or create eye-catching focal points. They can be used with other container-grown plantings and are ideally suited for small landscape areas like patios and decks.

Plant Judo can assist you in picking the ideal size and shape for your next planter because we know every important aspect of gardening and decor.

So don’t wait. Get your best trees in a pot. Contact us now.

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We Offer Durable Tree Containers

You can use small, movable and big, permanent planters to plant your shrubs. Plant pots come in various designs, colours, and shapes. We ensure that the trees planted always blend in with their surroundings. 

The pots need to be big enough for the tree to fit. You must also consider its mature size to get one with space that will accommodate the tree and its roots.

Containers should be as comprehensive as they are tall to give the roots the possible insulation.

Overall, vessel weight is significant and needs to be taken into account as well. If you use the container on a balcony or rooftop where the structural weight capacity may be an issue, consider both the weight of the container itself and the weight that the soil and water will add to it.

Identify The Right Size Of Houseplant & Outdoor Planters With Plant Judo

The fact is that size counts when picking the appropriate container for your plant.

Whether it’s for your patio, garden, or entree way, you need to consider how big your plant is to get the right tree pot.

Too Big

Some plants may grow faster when their vessel is doubled in size. Any plant’s health depends on having the correct amount of water, food, and soil composition.

However, if the plant is placed in a large planter container that is too big for it, if it is overwatered, and if the drainage is poor, the soil may dry out slowly, keeping the roots damp and raising the risk of root rot. Or the enormous amount of soil will be overly dry with insufficient water.

Plus, from a proportionality standpoint, an overly big planter could detract from the aesthetics overall.

Too Small

However, this does not imply that you ought to put your plant in a tiny container or small planter box.

The plant may get root-bound if the planter is too tiny, resulting in slow or stunted growth. 

When trees and other large plants are placed in tiny enclosures, they can easily tumble over.

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Various Shapes Available At Plant Judo for Your Home Decor

Although the precise shape isn’t the most crucial component for pot gardening success, it does affect how you may organise and maintain your garden.


With the help of our squared containers, you can arrange your plants properly, and they look fantastic when used as decorative accents to line a walkway or mark an entry. 

A square layout for gardening might simplify watering because there are fewer water spaces between planters.

In addition, they provide more planting surface area and volume for a given height. 

It gives more room for soil and minerals to be packed in. This extra room is fantastic if you are growing herbs for food or producing rows of flowers.


Because of their usefulness, our rectangular planters are well-liked. You can plant a straight row of flowers, vegetables, or even hedges since they have a defined “front” and “back” or “left” to “right” orientation. 

Always remember to drill several holes in the bottom of the back because that is where the drainage should go. It guarantees that the water drains appropriately.


A herb, vegetable, or flower that grows on tiny plants are the most typical items to be planted in our round planters. 

They appear cute and have a variety of uses in home design; hence people enjoy them.

But because they are prone to tipping over and lack a front or back– making it more difficult for plants to grow equally together– they are not very useful for a large or outdoor planter. So a single plant or a small number of plants do better in a round planter.

Plant Judo’s round planters are well-liked by clients because of their sleek, contemporary curves and bowl shape, guaranteeing good stability.

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Height Of The Pots

Since tall pots have a more significant air-to-water ratio, improved gas exchange is possible. 

The best option will be a tall and wide style for various plants rather than a tall and narrow one. It will meet the majority of watering requirements and approaches.

There are, however, certain exceptions. Because they have a single primary taproot that penetrates far into the space and numerous thinner, shorter hair roots that remain near the surface, succulents and cacti typically survive in shallow containers.

Selecting the correct height depends on the tree you plan to plant. Plant Judo is here to help you. 

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Our Plant Pots For Trees

The best tree garden pots are sturdy and long-lasting enough to withstand the environment for years while still looking excellent. 

Plant Judo’s clay pots are heavier and more durable than lightweight plastic pots, which are not wind-resistant.

Our plant pots are perfect for planting trees. Most are made with sturdy fibreglass resin resistant to fading, weather, and rust.

We can help you select the right tree and outdoor pots to support its growth at Plant Judo.

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When choosing the right plant pot size, you should consider its thickness. Thick containers shield the plant from extreme external conditions, from freezing to blazing. Rapid temperature changes are less harmful since thicker planters are better at insulating.

At Plant Judo, all of our fibreglass planters are manufactured with thick fibreglass sheets to protect plant health, even if premium planter materials like fibreglass are already relatively insulated. 

Additional layers of fibreglass are added to boost strength and durability for larger planter sizes, so you never have to worry about your planter destroying your plants.

Drainage is vital for potted plants. It is always preferable to select a container with bottom holes as opposed to one without, as this provides you with some flexibility to experiment with the watering needs of each specific plant.

Therefore, avoiding using a container without a drainage hole is advisable unless you are familiar with the plant and the amount of water it demands.

The drainage holes enable the removal of extra water and lessen the possibility of root damage. Place a tray underneath to catch any water from the planter.

Trees can survive in containers if they are healthy and content. Your tree may remain in the same container for 20 years or longer if you take the necessary precautions to preserve its health.

Although some species of trees may outlive their planters, trees planted in containers aren’t intended to be grown indefinitely. It is why making a plan to re-pot your tree every few years is an excellent idea. If you make this step, you’ll get more use out of your container trees before it’s time to say goodbye because it will enable them to grow bigger and stronger.

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