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Make Your Outdoors Look Mesmerising With Our Plant Pots For Outdoor

Most contemporary couples choose plants and other things like greenery to decorate their homes. It is because greenery is believed to promote relaxation, tranquillity, and peace of mind, and these new plants are the best pieces of décor one could own. 

But do you ever wonder how you can use plant pots for various plants?

You are entirely mistaken if you think that all large plants, whether they are indoor, outdoor, or hanging plants, can be kept in a single type of pot. Any plant’s health and longevity depend on the pot’s proper fit.

At Plant Judo, we have some of our favourite and well-known decorative pots that fit various plants and make homes brighter!

Get in touch with us for a suitable planter for your outdoor space.

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Benefits Of Having A Compatible Outdoor Plant Pot

A landscape garden enhances your property and makes an impression on guests. Container gardening is more affordable and more straightforward to maintain. You can experiment with different plants and flowers each season. 

Here are some advantages of using outdoor planters to decorate your home.

Gardener replanting mini roses indoor plant.

Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your House

The curb appeal on your house is best seen from the front. Therefore, decorating it with lovely, sizable pots filled with flowers or plants will look more alluring and inviting.

Boost The Value Of Your Home

A home with a beautiful garden area filled with vibrant flowers and plants is more appealing to you than one with a poorly maintained, uninteresting yard. When your property is graced with a well-kept container garden, even a potential buyer has a different perception of it. 

It is because a green landscape immediately draws people’s attention, increasing the value of your property.

Enhance The Air's Quality

Trees and plants are excellent sources of pure oxygen. They breathe in carbon dioxide and eliminate significant amounts of contaminants from the air, which raises air quality. Additionally, you can grow various air-purifying plants in large outside pots, such as bamboo palms, snake plants, peace lilies, and garden mums.

Make Your Garden Appear Larger

Your property’s outside would appear more open and clean if you hung huge container plants outside your fence or arranged them to show vertical gardening. Grow plants that can survive with little to no sunshine, such as dracaena, creeping fig, and parlour palm, because small gardens don’t receive enough sunlight.

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Maintains A Comfortable Interior Temperature

Because shrubs and plants shield a building’s yard and other outside components from heat sinks, a home surrounded by lush greenery maintains a more comfortable interior temperature. In contrast, the outside temperature rises throughout the summer.

Outdoor planters also provide several other advantages that will increase your desire to put in a lovely container garden, such as enhancing your sense of connection to nature, lowering stress levels, and promoting positivity. 

However, after it is installed, you simply need to make sure you maintain it to keep it looking beautiful; otherwise, it will be useless. Grow your favourite plants and flowers in outdoor planters to enhance your home without worrying about keeping a garden landscape.

Types Of Outdoor Planters We Offer

A dilemma can arise if you have outdoor plants that you want to use for a patio garden to select the appropriate containers. Your options could appear limitless, and the price might soon come into play if you require several.

Your container garden’s success can be increased by selecting the appropriate planters. Which pots are the best, then? Each type has advantages and disadvantages, but some are more suitable than others for your outside plants.

Plastic Planters

Our plastic planters are frequently created to replicate the appearance of their more expensive competitors while being inexpensive, strong, and lightweight. Outdoor plant pots made of plastic are appealing and bright and come in a bewildering assortment of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Clay (Terracotta) Planters

Clay, commonly referred to as terracotta, is a traditional material for container gardens.

Our outdoor planters’ cosy fired-earth tones go perfectly with the natural beauty of our Utah scenery. Terracotta pots are relatively cheap and come in various forms and designs. Additionally, the weight of these garden pots prevents them from tumbling over in severe gusts.

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Outdoor Wooden Planters

Because of their cosy, organic appearance, many gardeners prefer stained wood containers for their outside plants. Wood planters are simple to paint, making it possible to adapt their colour to the outside décor. The majority of wooden planters for gardens can be left outside all year.

Cement Planters

Our concrete pots are aesthetically pleasing and remarkably strong; they can withstand wind and shield outside plants from frost. For those who want to grow patio trees or a sizable container garden, it is possible to buy large concrete planters.

The disadvantages of concrete containers include a restricted colour selection and a tendency for them to be more expensive than other kinds of garden planters. These pots might be challenging to transport because they are cumbersome.

To avoid these issues, paint your concrete planters and set them on a wheeled plant dolly before adding potting soil and plants.

Coir Plant Pot

Most people are seen switching to coir pots because they are all modern, 

biodegradable, and long-lasting plants in various sizes and shapes. They are environmentally friendly because they are produced from coconut husk.

Hanging Planters

Hanging pots may be your best option if you don’t have much open ground for a garden or place pots. They don’t require a lot of room or attention. You can use these pots to grow flowers, which can hang from your balcony. Due to their poor water retention abilities, they require regular watering.

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Decorative And Urn Planters

These pots draw attention and give your garden a more attractive appearance. They are available in various sizes and shapes. Large urn planters may be cumbersome to move, but they can hold more water for an extended period and give the plants excellent support. You can make it more upscale by putting ornamental pots and urns in your home’s interior.

Railing Planters

People do not have any space for gardening in urban regions since residences are so small. You can use a small area to cultivate plants with the help of railing planters. These pots can be mounted on railings both indoors and outside. These containers are perfect for growing various flowers, including lilies, marigolds, and roses.

We Have The Planters You Have Been Looking For

For all of your gardening and beautiful home décor needs, Plant Judo is a one-stop shop for all your gardening requirements. 

Every item is reviewed by our dedicated staff of experts so that you get the best quality material. 

Visit our store or get in touch with us to look at our top-notch items for your outdoor garden.

Care of home plants


We recommend you try our pots made of organic materials like stone or terra cotta. These materials provide for good drainage through evaporation since they are water-permeable. A plant with good drainage has a lower risk of developing root rot and is more likely to flourish to its fullest potential after being moved outside.

Metal containers are incredibly robust and long-lasting. They can be kept outside to deteriorate without issues and won’t chip, shatter, or scrape. Galvanised steel is even more rigid and weatherproof than your ordinary container garden planters.

The liquid absorbed by terra-cotta and ceramic pots expand as it freezes, causing the container to break. Containers made of metal, concrete, wood, fibreglass, and resin often do well in freezing conditions. Some plastic pots can withstand winter well, although they might grow brittle.

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