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The Trending Plant Pots For Bathroom This Season

You can use a bathroom for more than just your morning routine. It is a location set apart for self-indulgence, leisure, and relaxation, as well as for long, extravagant baths. 

If there is one element that can instantly transform a bathroom into a tranquil, reviving haven, it is greenery. 

Greens bring life to a lifeless room, whether in the shape of a walled garden, hanging planters, creepers, vines, or glass jar succulents. Getting enough space can be challenging for those planning to introduce greenery to their bathroom decor. But it’s always good to consider the size of your bathroom and the size of your desired bathroom plant.

Subsequently, you can put in a plant without a pot– so you need to consider that too.

Plant pots are used for more than just holding plants. Instead of just focusing on having a beautiful plant pot, consider having the appropriate plant pot for your bathroom plants.

Plants on a vase

At Plant Judo, we offer you a variety of plant pots for your bathroom that are not only aesthetic but also right for your bathroom plant’s growth.

In our experience, the plant’s size and moisture requirements will determine the pot type, material, size, and style. 

For bathrooms, we have a wide variety of clay and unglazed ceramic plant pots that can withstand drought and demand quick-draining soil. 

Understanding your needs for your plant’s growing environment is crucial when choosing pots for indoor plants.

Our experts at Plant Judo can help you understand plant pots and make the right choice.

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Selecting The Right Plants

Although it may seem apparent to some, choosing plants that adore humidity is a must when limiting your options. It is also the first consideration you need to make before choosing a plant pot for your bathroom.

The choice of plants must consider the amount of natural light available, as certain plants require more than others. 

There are many options available in the botanical world. If you want to learn about which plants and pots go well in a bathroom, you can consult our experts and find the best plan for you.

Style Your Bathroom Plants

Bathrooms are frequently small– unless you’re living in a luxurious place– so to maximise your greens, consider plants that flow down or grow vertically. 

We can guide you if you are short on floor space. We recommend using hanging baskets or pots, filling window sills or ledges, or placing plants on a high top corner. 

If there isn’t a problem with floor space, consider utilising a plant that stands to lift the leaf to eye level. The foliage will remain the main attraction if the pots or baskets are kept neutral. And don’t worry, neutral doesn’t always imply boring. 

Here at Plant Judo, our store offers plant pots of unique shapes, different surface textures, and natural materials to enhance the atmosphere. So why not browse our catalogue now?

Bathtub and green plants in bathroom interior in luxury home
Plants and mirror in black and white bathroom interior with chec

The Bathroom That Has Water

In unique rooms like the bathroom, where water is frequently present, you might think your plant is at risk of drowning for many reasons. And that’s a problem we usually encounter for people who want to put plants in their loos.

Well, here’s what we have to say about that.

Growing your greens in soil with proper drainage is essential to be healthy and flourish without any issues. Using the suitable potting soil and checking that the container you’ve chosen has bottom drain holes are both parts of the solution.

When using containers that don’t drain, the excess water cannot find a way out, leaving the soil wet for a long time. Many indoor plants cannot withstand damp soil conditions, especially for extended periods, a result of this.

Plant Judo plant pots have drainage holes, and when your plant is properly watered, the water seeps into the soil, moistening it, and the remainder drains down the bottom of the pot. It enables the root system to get water, the soil to remain moist rather than saturated and soggy, and the plant to flourish.

Pot Sizes You Should Consider

Although it may not seem relevant, the size of a plant pot with the size of a particular houseplant is very crucial. An unhealthy plant can be distinguished from one that is robust by the size of the pot.

Our experts can make a size recommendation for your planter after hearing about your needs.

Plant Judo has different varieties of plant pots of every size. Given below are some of the frequently purchased pots that our customers love.

Plant in bathroom
Interior Of Bathroom

Small Pots

It should go without saying that you should select a pot that matches the size of your plant. When indoor plants are grown in pots that are too tiny for the plant, the soil will dry up much more quickly after watering. 

It may be advantageous for plants that can withstand drought, but it will be much harder to take care of a plant that requires continually moist soil.

Furthermore, a plant growing in a pot that is too tiny compared to its size would experience root entanglement sooner than if it were in a container with more capacity to expand. 

While some plants don’t mind being rootbound, some love it—others don’t like crowded conditions, harming their growth and health.

A relatively small container is more suited for plants that prefer to be rootbound, such as African violets, Hoya plants, and Phalaenopsis orchids. Most cacti and succulents like the dry conditions and limited space that compact pots provide.

Large Pots

It is evident that the bigger the plant is, the bigger the pot you need. 

When growing tall, top-heavy indoor plants, large pots are helpful to prevent them from toppling over, possibly shattering the pot and harming the plant.

Larger pots for indoor plants are also helpful when planting numerous plants together in a container garden. Each plant can establish a healthy root system due to the more extensive soil area.

When utilising a pot significantly larger in size than the plant it is holding, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

  • If you tend to overwater plants, the extra soil in big pots may stay moist for an extended time and cause health issues like root rot or other illnesses that affect houseplants.
  • Some plants, including peace lilies, spider plants, and African violets, prefer to be root-bound and won’t thrive in a pot that is too big.
  • Use a pot between 1 and 2 inches bigger than the one where the plant grows. It reduces the likelihood of excessively moist soil conditions.
  • To avoid having soil flooded with water, ensure the pot you choose has enough drainage holes. Use a potting mix with sufficient drainage to guarantee proper aeration and drainage.
Modern bathroom interior design with orchid plant between the circular sinks in the vanity unit

The Materials For Your Pot Matter

Several pots of various materials, colours, sizes, and styles are likely to be present, making it occasionally difficult to choose which is best.

It is usually essential to become familiar with the plant’s preferred cultural conditions and attributes before choosing the ideal pot for the plant you intend to grow.

Our suggestions aid in selecting the ideal size, shape, and material to guarantee healthy and vigorous growth. We have a broad variety of plant pots based on the material they are made of. Some of the best-selling pots at Plant Judo stores are:


Terracotta, which translates to "baked earth" in Italian, refers to a range of clay-based materials used to make pots. Typical traditional terracotta pots are unglazed and relatively porous.


Ceramic pots are created from clay resources that are denser and less porous than terracotta pots. The exterior and interior of the pots are both glazed.


Plastic pots for indoor plants come in infinite colours and designs, making them attractive plant partners that showcase their beauty and go well with interior decor.


You can't go wrong with wood as a natural-looking structural material or a planting pot because it can look rich and expensive. Wooden pots can last for many years if they are correctly made with durable materials like redwood or cedar with stainless steel fittings.

Pine can also be used to construct hardwood pots, but without pressure treatment with chemicals that may harm your plants, it doesn't survive as long.


Metal pots for indoor plants have a distinctive appearance and can enhance the beauty of the plant they hold. You may select a metal pot that matches any design aesthetic.


Fibreglass fibres and resin are combined to create an incredibly lightweight pot, which is how fibreglass pots are created. Because of this, these containers may be shaped into a virtually limitless range of sizes and shapes. You might even think a fibreglass pot is made of plastic or ceramic.

We told you there are a variety of options you can choose from. It can be intimidating at first, but we’ll help you out with it.

If you can’t find the pot you’re looking for, why not look at what other pots we have or ask our experts?

Relaxed young woman bathing in modern bathroom interior decorated with tropical plants

Create A Refreshing Experience

Whatever your preferences in décor or plants, we have everything (a pot or plant) that will enhance the attractiveness of your indoor environment. 

With Plant Judo, you can choose the container that will allow your plant to thrive even in the bathroom.

For any decor or gardening guidance, contact our Plant Judo experts.



Yes, you can have plants in your bathrooms.

Houseplants can transform bathrooms into more relaxing spaces by bringing a touch of greenery to the decor and enhancing the air quality. 

Some house plants thrive in bathrooms’ warm, humid environment, and water is always accessible to hydrate the plants.

Make sure a window in your bathroom lets in natural light. Keep the vegetation away from areas where water is directly falling. Don’t, for instance, put them on the shower floor. Consider using epiphytes like air plants that do not need a planter or choose planters with drainage holes.

As long as your planter isn’t too heavy, showerheads, caddies, shower rods, and curtain rods are excellent places to hang vegetation. Additionally, you can use powerful utility hooks that stick to tiles. Plastic planters are the best choice for hanging plants in bathrooms, which are lightweight and straightforward to clean.

Our stores have various options for your bathroom plants, adding beauty to your bathroom and pots that keep your plants healthy.

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