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Olive trees

There are several factors that affect the sustenance of the health of plants. These variables include temperature and humidity, the root zone, conditions of the growing medium and water quality, or the plants themselves, such as pests and diseases.

Even though it may seem daunting to think about how each of these elements affects your plants’ health, fortunately, there are a few quick checks you can make each day to ensure they are always in good shape.

Whatever your gardening objectives, we can assist with increasing crop yields, limiting weed growth, avoiding insect damage, and guaranteeing your plants’ general well-being and vigour.


Let Plant Judo help you maintain your garden in top condition.

It is best to incorporate maintenance into a continuous approach. For the finest long-term results, you must regularly employ most chores, like reducing weeds, enhancing your soil, and maintaining healthy plants. 

We can make virtual engagements when things get busy at work or in your personal life, when you are on vacation, or when you need an extra pair of hands in the garden. We will carefully consider your demands before beginning any work and treat your garden as if it were our own.

Connect with us to learn more about our online services.

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Olive trees

Visual Plant Check

To perform this examination, you don’t need any specialised tools, but you should make sure that your growth area is well-lit. Yopu will need your sight and sense of touch Taking pictures at regular intervals could be worthwhile if you want to compare how your plants look over time.

Look out for signs like fading foliage, dark patches on leaves, slowed development, or variations in yield. These visible changes can have a variety of causes, but they are a sign that something is jeopardising the general health of your plants.

A hazardous substance or vitamin deficiency are two possible causes. Book your plant checkup with us if you are concerned that this might be the case.

Insects and other pests can also cause leaf alterations and discolouration. To identify and treat the issue appropriately, you can identify other indications of these potential pests and illnesses, like eggs or bite marks, by visually inspecting your plants.

Whatever the reason for any visual changes, the best place to start is with a daily visual inspection of your plants so you can identify and address any possible problems before they spread to your entire crop.

Visually inspecting your soil or hydroponic solution is equally important. Because leaf discolouration can be brought on by too-wet, too-compact, or poorly draining soil, over- and under-watering can have terrible effects on the soil. Similarly, you should ensure that your hydroponic plants have regular access to their fertiliser solution.

Green olive on the tree with olive tree leaves.
Smiling gardener holding pot with flowers in glasshouse

Check The pH Level

Potential Hydrogen (pH)  is one of the most crucial tests you can perform every day because it’s one of the fundamental indicators of plant health.

A pH scale measures a substance or solution’s acidity or basicity.

The soil or hydroponic solution’s pH is vital for nutrient uptake. Nutrients must be soluble (dissolved in water) to be accessible to your plants. Additionally, each nutrient has a preferred pH range accessible to your plants for uptake. Nutrient lockout occurs when plants cannot acquire these nutrients outside of this pH range.

Most gardeners strive to aim for the pH ranges of 5.5-6.5 for hydroponics and 6.5-7 in soil pH to avoid nutrient lockout.

Moreover, different plant species have their own sensitivities, with some flourishing in either more acidic or alkaline environments. You must learn the appropriate pH range for your crop variety and growing technique.

If your plants appear to be suffering from an improper pH, there are a few visible indicators you can watch out for. A lack of some nutrients or the toxicity of some nutrients over time can result if your plants are exposed to the wrong pH range.

Yellowing leaves, tip burn, leaf death, and yellow patches are some symptoms.

Plant Judo can help you in measuring the pH of your garden adequately.

Two Gardeners in Botanical Greenhouse

Benefits Of Our Plant Care Application

Plant Judo shows support by helping you to take care of and sustain your garden in the best possible ways.

Your Plants Will Probably Do Better

Your flowers will perform better, which is one of the benefits of our plant fitness care application. With this technique, your flowers’ foliage could be more vibrant, their blossoms more numerous, and you might even have a longer bloom period. This happens when you give your flowers the necessary vitamins to function at their best.

It is vital to keep in mind that your landscape’s blooms, such as your bushes and shrubs, aren’t entirely self-sufficient. Given that flowers typically want more assistance so they can appear and grow their niceness, fertilisation treatments are crucial.

Gardener planting plant in pot
Kid in greenhouse near plant bed

Safeguard Your Investment

A final, more intangible benefit of our application is that it is a way to protect the investment you have made in your landscape. The cost of replacing even a small number of flowers can start to pile up when you consider not just the plant’s value but also the labour-intensive nature of the task.

Of course, there are now more factors at play than just money.

If you don’t protect your flowers, you leave yourself vulnerable to dealing with problems and issues that could have been avoided. You must change your course to plant something new. You may avoid this inconvenience by taking proper care of your plants.

Here’s How Plant Judo Can Help

Our plant healthcare platform is tailored to the unique bushes, flowers, and problems in your yard.

Maintenance In General

Watering, weeding, and fruit and vegetable harvesting are examples of general maintenance services. 

We strongly advise taking maintenance into account as part of a full-season gardening strategy because plants frequently require the entire season before they are ready for harvest. Neglect during the season can lower yields and produce worse quality.

Garden Maintenance Performed by Pro Gardener
Close up of green olives on olive tree.

Advanced Maintenance

A few particular activities specific to edible gardens require greater ability, care, and refinement. These chores frequently take several consultations to ensure the job is completed properly, much like our general maintenance. 

For instance, certain organic pesticides must be applied several times after the initial session to diagnose the problem, choose the proper treatment, and achieve desired results.

Garden Inspections

Maintaining and managing an edible garden can be difficult with seemingly endless number of activities to be done. We have discovered that selecting and prioritising the appropriate chores at the appropriate time can make the difference between a decent and a great harvest, for this year and many years to come.

Our online garden consultations give DIY gardeners the chance to gain expert insight into their gardens. With familiarity comes a tendency to lose sight of the garden’s bigger vision and overlook minor problems that, if left unattended, can develop into huge concerns.

By identifying invasive weeds, indications of nutrient inadequacies, evidence of plant stress, tailored input on your soil profile and garden habitat, and general trends impacting gardeners in the area, we can help you become a better gardener with each online consultation. 

Each session concludes with a gardening report that includes input intended to be executed and lists areas that need improvement in the order of urgency and significance. Knowing that your herbs and tomatoes are growing naturally and without chemicals allows you to enjoy them at their peak.

woman with pot of flowers inside roses greenhouse
Woman watering platns in garden

We Are The Right Choice For Your Online Plant Checkup Service

The earlier you identify a potential issue with plant health, the simpler it is to resolve. It reduces the possibility of long-term plant damage, which can impact crop yield and quality.

AtPlant Judo, we provide ad hoc, short-term, and long-term outdoor growing season upkeep for your plants. No matter the length, we can customise each session to fit your needs and schedule, such as during a busy time in your life, through a lengthy trip, or for added peace of mind as you learn how to take care of the garden on your own.

Book your consultation today and ensure the better health of your plants.



It can be advantageous for your health, the health of your land, and the well-being of the backyard fauna. It is a fantastic way to decompress, establish objectives for yourself, and take care of stuff. Additionally, growing your own food is a fantastic method to make your household more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

An organised garden is simpler to maintain. It is more efficient and yields better results. Start planning your garden far in advance. If the soil wasn’t tilted during the fall, it needs to be done ASAP.

Most people are unaware of the huge impact plant science has on society. By reducing crop losses, boosting yields and food quality, and enhancing the nutritional value of staple crops, it contributes to greater food security.

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