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Indoor and outdoor garden space has become more popular than ever. 

In fact, many people now look into buying and owning plants. True to that, approximately 87% of British Homes have gardens.

People started to spend more time in their outdoor spaces and nurturing their environments in the backyard or the lawn. Some even just maximised their indoor spaces to place plants that help them feel good and make their homes look better. 

Often, people don’t know how to care for or nurture their plants. When this happens- it can be total devastation for the plant owner. There are also situations where plant owners don’t know how their plants can recover from pests, dryness, and many more.

The internet and plant-care books can help you- but they can’t really guide you to do the right thing, would they? Sometimes, you’ll just need gardening advice from plant experts who know best.

Gardener watering plants in greenhouse
Fresh herbs

At Plantjudo, we are experts in plants and gardening. We have a team of highly experienced gardeners who have a wealth of experience about many different plants and how to nurture and grow them. 

They are able to look at unhealthy plants and know what can be done to help them survive. Plus, they can communicate this knowledge clearly and understandably to help you develop your own skills.

Our garden consultants are ready to look at all your gardening needs, help you care for your plants, and develop a strong connection to your plants. 

Whether your main focus is growing plants outside close to water, having difficulties with different types of soil and want to know what best to use, or simply looking for some inspiration on how to make your garden design even better, we’re here to help.

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A Garden Consultant Can Help Your Garden & Plants Flourish

No matter if you’re a seasoned gardener or just someone starting out, our garden consultants have the knowledge available for anyone at any stage of their gardening career. 

We are a whole community of gardeners who are fuelled by the passion and love of plants and gardening. We really believe in the nurturing act of caring for plants and a garden and that it can bring huge health benefits by taking time to garden each week. 

Plantjudo acknowledges that the very process of gardening can be a meditative experience that brings peace of mind into our everyday lives.

Homegrown herbs in old clay pots. Rustic garden in summer.
Woman watering platns in garden

The garden consultants on our end can help you with things like:

  • Where to place different herbs;
  • Why a certain herb is growing faster than another;
  • How to regularly water your different plants;
  • Why other plants need less water and many more.

They have so much experience with all kinds of different gardens, and they have been through the process of helping so many plants grow. Most of all, they can give you the knowledge you didn’t even know existed.

Plant Judo Garden Consultants Are The Best Around

Our gardening philosophy is the basis of what we do and how we work. 

No matter what sort of garden you might have or what sort of state it might be in, we work hard to make it as vibrant as it should be. Our consultations always give the best insights and garden advice because we know it will be helpful for you to gain more knowledge about how your garden is working and developing through different situations and seasons. 

Each plant is very different and will need different types of soil, amounts of light, and water. Our garden consultants online can help you discover more and give insight into the different families of plants and how each plant behaves. 

With our experts working with you virtually, together, we can detect all things that are affecting your plants, and we can help you understand more about your garden.

flower pots on the balcony

Experts For Indoor & Outdoor Plants

We have dealt with many people who love having plants but don’t know what is going wrong with their plant and why it is not looking as happy as they should. It might be because of overwatering or underwatering, not enough light or too much light, or maybe a bigger pot is needed. 

Our experts know that many different variables affect how your plants grow, and with our expertise, we will help you tend to your plants in the best way possible.

Not only can we consult and advise on outdoor gardens, but we can also give information about indoor plants. We’re the experts on the roll for any indoor herb garden you might be growing or a small outdoor vegetable farm you are nurturing.

At Plant Judo, we look at each case individually and really study the plant and recognise its needs, whether inside or outside your place.

Make Your Neighbours Envy Your Garden

Plant Judo believes that no garden is perfect- that’s definitely true, but garden consultants can help you make your garden lively and flourishing all year round. It’s better to see your garden fresh and green than to watch it whither away, right?

A flourishing garden can be a huge source of pride and something to really show off. When your garden develops, and you have more plants growing that look happy and healthy, people will walk past and give that extra bit of attention with admiration. It does not only help the house look livelier, but it’s also scientifically proven to give you peace of mind.

Aside from that, plants that look happy and healthy emanate a positive impression of a house, they show that there is care being given and time is being dedicated to your dwelling.

Two Gardeners in Botanical Greenhouse

Be the talk of your whole street by letting our garden consultants online help you with how to make your garden reach its fullest potential.

To know more about our philosophy about plants, you can check out our blog and find out what makes us tick and how much we love plants.

But if you want direct expert advice and insight for your garden, then it’s time to get in touch with us.

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Garden consultants are specialists who assess and identify any gardening needs or problems and provide relevant technical advice to their clients. They can tell you more about your plants, the most suitable landscape for them, and which places in your home they can thrive.

Make sure you have time to use your organic garden in the summer. If it’s being landscaped, you won’t have the opportunity to use your green space, which can be complex and challenging in the summer. As you don’t use your garden for sitting out much in Autumn and Winter, it’s a good time for landscaping your garden then.

Unlike expensive landscape architects, the average cost of hiring a garden designer is around £60 to £200. This can include a breadth of jobs such as garden design work, drawings, planning, survey, plant maintenance, planting plan, and also project management.

However, here at Plant Judo, we offer our services at a tailor-fit rate that suits your budget. If you want to learn more about our pricing, you can talk directly with our experts HERE.

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