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Keep Your Garden And Plants Healthy With The Help Of Our Online Garden Checkup Services

Sometimes life gets busy; work assignments pile up, friends and family want to spend time with you, and you might have children to take care of. Whatever responsibilities it may be, we can all agree that sometimes life gets hectic and maintaining hobbies – like gardening – becomes our last priority.

Or you’re a first-time gardener that’s a bit wobbly on their gardening legs and needs someone to check on your progress and ensure that you’re doing everything correctly.

This is where the online garden checkup services from Plant Judo can help. Our gardening experts will check your garden and advise you on any problem areas that require more attention. 

Book a call with one of our experts now to ensure the longevity of your garden.

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What Is A Garden Checkup?

A garden checkup service involves an expert gardener examining a garden’s overall health. They check a garden for any signs of plant illness, malnourishment or stress. They perform diagnostics on a garden and offer their clients advice on how to treat any issues in their garden.

How You Can Help You Can Take Care Of Your Garden

Reduce The Chance Of Pest Infestation And Disease

When planting new plants via transplanting or germinating seeds, ensure they are free from pests and diseases. You might introduce these illnesses and pests into your garden without knowing it.

Water Properly

Overwatering is a common occurrence in gardening, leading to fungi growth, leaf spots and unhealthy plants. One should water as often as necessary and let the soil dry between waterings to prevent oversaturating.

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Ensure Soil Health

Healthy soil usually equals healthy plants. Soil degrades over time and needs to be refreshed every so often. When refreshing soil, ensure that the new soil you buy is of high quality. Adding mulch to your soil can also ensure its health by retaining moisture, keeping weeds down and supplying organic matter.

Clean Your Gardening Tools

Gardening tools should be cleaned to control disease and prevent the transfer of any harmful bacteria or dangerous elements into your garden.

Eradicate Weeds

Weeds are garden killers. They suffocate the roots of healthy plants and harbour pests. They drain your soil of nutrients meant for your plants and take up space. This is why it is always wise to regularly de-weed your garden.

Protect Your Garden From Animals

It is not only insects and diseases that you need to protect your garden from. If you are growing edible flowers, herbs or crops, you might be attracting animals to your garden. As such, you must set up a barrier around your garden bed like a wire fence.

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How Plant Judo's Online Garden Checkup Services Work

For us to do an online checkup service, we will need your help. You will need to guide our experts through your garden using a device connected to the internet. This unique experience allows you to see the problem areas as the expert points them out.

We will look at your plants as you walk with us through your garden. We first look at the garden as a whole. We make a note of any plants that “stick out”: plants that seem to be growing differently from their counterparts.

This gives us insights into the environmental conditions of your garden.

Is one side of your garden getting more sunlight than the other?

Is one side of your garden draining unevenly?

Questions like these are what we ask ourselves as we take a look at your garden.

Once we have a general overview of your garden, we will look at plants more up close. We will make a note of anything good or bad that we see. We will focus on problem areas.

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Here’s a list of things that we may take note of:

  • Overall, plant growth is based on the environmental factors of your garden.
  • The overall condition of the leaves on your plants. Whether they are normal size, shape and colour. Whether they show signs of infection or pest infestation.
  • The overall condition of the steams. Whether they are strong and bulky or weak and spindly.
  • The soil around the plants. Whether it needs more mulch, we take note of its moisture content and any signs of pests.
  • The flowers of the plants. Whether your plants are flowering properly and whether they are getting pollinated.
  • The fruits within your garden. We take note of whether the fruit is growing normally and if it is the proper size and colour. We look for any signs of pests, diseases, spots, unusual markings, or insect damage.

Once we have taken note of your garden’s overall health, we can advise you on how to make your garden more healthy.

We will tell you which types of plants should be in a different soil and which plants receive less sunlight than others, and we will give you expert advice on how to change the layout of your garden to ensure its health and longevity.

If this sounds like a service you need, let Plant Judo take a look at your garden. Book a call now.

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Online garden checkup services can help you by giving you extra insight into the health of your garden. It can help you ensure your garden’s ongoing health and safety by identifying problem areas you need to tackle.

Garden checkups are useful before a new planting season. They are also useful if you suspect that your garden might be ill. Look out for any of these signs: drooping leaves, yellow leaves, mottled spots, reduced or no flowers and fruit.

After you hire a garden checkup and you implement the advice provided by the professional gardener, you can keep an eye out for these signs to be sure that your garden is improving: an increase in the presence of beneficial insects, good water absorption of the soil, strong stems and vibrant leaves and flowers.

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