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How to Plant plantable Seed Paper

Plantable paper is a recyclable eco-paper composed of seeds implanted in post-consumer and post-industrial paper waste. When seeds are put in the paper, they sprout, decomposing the paper. All the remains are flowers, herbs, and veggies.

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We will walk you through the process of planting plantable Seed Paper in this post. If you follow the suggestions, you will be able to effortlessly plant your plantable Seed Paper and offer your new plant a solid habitat to flourish quietly.

Thus, without further ado, let us begin.

 What is seed paper?

The document in your hands is more than that.

Because seed paper is manufactured from recycled materials, it does not damage trees. We offer two weights of paper: 120 gsm and 200 gsm. The paper is constructed out of two thin layers of paper with seeds of flowers or herbs sandwiched between them, while the 200 gsm paper is handcrafted120 gsm and already contains the seeds. 

Due to the handmade nature of the paper, the thickness may vary. You may choose a variety of seeds. Take a look at our calendar for seed planting.

If you follow the directions carefully, you should see sprouts within 7-10 days! Although plants develop and mature at varying speeds depending on their environment, wildflowers generally bloom between 8 and 12 weeks.

How to Plant plantable Seed Paper: Step By Step Guide.

Let’s get started on how to plant these seeds, and remember to follow our directions and recommendations step by step-

 Supply List

  • A pot for planting
  • Some good potting soil Plantable paper
  • Water
  • A sunny corner

Step 1: Get your Pot Ready

Fill your container about two-thirds full with decent potting soil. Tamp the dirt down and replenish as needed. You may plant the paper inside or outside. Do not plant outside if it is blizzarding or burning like a desert!


Step 2: Plant the Paper

Cover the dirt in the prepared container with plantable paper. It is OK for the paper to overlap. Over the plantable paper pieces, spread a 1/8 inch layer of soil and gently push it down. Use one layer of paper if you have a little pot. Make two layers of paper if your pot is big. Water the plant well after placing it in the container. Water the soil to keep it moist but not damp or soggy.

Step 3: Care till and after germination.

After placing the paper in the container, wet it well. Keep the soil and paper moist but not saturated. Keep the paper wet at all times throughout the first ten days.

Water is required for germination. But not excessively, so the paper does not deteriorate. Remove one corner of the paper after ten days to check for germination. If no sprouts appear, it’s time to re-water and watch the area.

Once sprouts grow, keep the paper wet but avoid overwatering—water as required once robust plants develop. After the first week, water every other day. The photographs below show the pot after it has been planted with a greeting card.

Once the flowers (or herbs or veggies) begin to bloom, you can either enjoy them in the pot or cut them and arrange them in a colorful vase! Additionally, you may put the plant in a huge vase of water and observe it develop around the stems!


Is seed paper influential?

Seed paper is paper that has seeds embedded in it. When this paper is watered and placed on the soil, it will germinate and sprout seedlings. The paper will eventually decompose, allowing the seedlings to grow into mature plants.

What is the composition of seed paper?

Seed paper is made by combining recycled paper pulp and seeds and pressing the mixture into a shape. To make the pulp, you can use plain white paper, newspaper, tissue paper, cardboard, and most other paper types (except glossy paper).

Is it possible to make my seed paper?

Soak the paper strips in a bowl of water overnight. Fill the blender halfway with fresh water after putting the soaked paper in. When the bath towel or felt has absorbed all of the water, pick up the hoop and place it on a sheet of waxed paper to dry.

Why is Earth Day observed?

On April 22, more than a billion people worldwide commemorate Earth Day to safeguard the earth from pollution and destruction. Participating in activities such as rubbish picking and tree planting can help make our environment a happier, healthier place to live.

What is wildflower seed paper, and how does it differ from other paper types?

It is exactly what it sounds like — paper impregnated with seeds! Biodegradable seed paper is available, and some of the paper we give is printable. Once the paper has served its intended function, it may be planted – and wildflowers will bloom in its place: a present that goes on giving!


These are the planting techniques for the plantable Seed Paper. You are now required to follow all maintenance, suggestions, and, most importantly, guidance. However, if you have any comments or questions concerning today’s topic, feel free to express them in the space below. We will make every effort to react as quickly as possible.

Best of Luck!!