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Choosing The Best Plant Pots For Orchids

The maintenance of orchids can be complex. They prefer particular environmental factors to grow well, including good drainage, room for their roots to spread out, and adequate roof ventilation. 

Consider several factors when caring for an orchid plant, including light, watering, and temperature. 

This is why people normally consider orchids as a house plant and just put them in a hanging flower pot or a clear pot.

However, many people are unaware that the type of pot used for orchid plants is just as crucial as the other factors.

At Plant Judo, you have access to many planters, making it easier to select.

If you need counselling related to plant health or which planter is correct for orchids, or any other plant, you can contact our experienced experts.

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Orange Orchid
/Nominated/ Blooming orchid plant. Phalaenopsis orchid.

Best Orchid Pots At Plant Judo

At Plant Judo, we have unique orchid pots explicitly designed for the better growth of orchids. Our containers for orchid plants frequently incorporate slats or cut-out designs on the sides for better drainage and airflow to the roots. 

But why use orchid pots instead of the usual ones?

Using a pot specifically for an orchid can better meet its care needs, resulting in a healthier, more thriving orchid. If an orchid has been denied light or air circulation in a standard pot, many people turn to speciality orchid pots to help revive it. 

An orchid pot can revitalise a plant that was previously having trouble growing because it is so beneficial to an orchid’s health.

Good Ventilation For Good Orchid Growth

An orchid can suffocate and eventually pass away if the area around the roots is not adequately ventilated. 

Airflow is necessary for orchid roots because it keeps them healthy and enables them to take up moisture and nutrients. Because orchids don’t tolerate a lot of moisture, a pot with ventilation promotes good air circulation while allowing the growing material to dry out more quickly.

Containers at Plant Judo have different ventilation methods ranging from small cut-out holes in clay pots to enormous slits or holes in plastic pots. Our pots with fewer ventilation holes are also a good choice for convenience’s sake to prevent your growing medium from leaking out.

A branch of a blooming pink Orchid on a white background. Indoor plants on the windowsill
Pot with beautiful orchids

Water Drainage Pot With Holes

If kept in soggy soil, orchids will quickly perish since they dislike a lot of moisture. Therefore, it’s crucial to take all reasonable precautions to prevent overwatering, and one of the most remarkable ways to do so is with excellent drainage. 

The bottom of our orchid pots is lined with several tiny drainage holes. Even the edges of a magnificent orchid pot could have holes in them. 

These sidewall holes aid water drainage and air circulation around the plant’s roots. 

The winds that constantly blow about an orchid root system in nature are mimicked by the air movement around the root system of a potted plant

Although not required, drainage holes on the pot’s side make a wonderful touch.

Clear Plastic Pot For Transparency

When you purchase an orchid, you will frequently discover that it is offered in a translucent plastic container because orchids love to have sunshine on their roots. 

At Plant Judo, we have translucent pots made of glass or plastic that are beneficial for your orchid’s growth. 

Our transparent pot provides additional benefits besides letting the roots benefit from the sunshine. They allow you to see the roots. Hence, you can monitor their health, see any problems early on, and fix them. 

You will be able to quickly identify any signs of root compaction and report the plant before any negative impacts on health occur. 

A growth medium like bark mix may degrade and choke the roots over time. You can spot this and revive the bark if the pot is transparent.

Orange Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

Best Orchid Pots In Different Sizes To Grow Orchid Plant

To ensure the health of your orchid, choose the proper-sized pot. The plant won’t be able to create new growth if the pot is too tiny. 

However, if the pot is too large, the roots may become trapped inside and struggle to find air or light since the growing medium will swamp them. 

When purchasing a new pot, be sure to note the dimensions since you should only ever repot your orchid into the pot size that is one size larger than the present pot.

At Plant Judo, you can find all pot sizes for your orchid; if you can’t decide on the right size, we can help.

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We Offer the Best Ceramic And Terracotta Planters

Terracotta Pots

Our stone-like pots have porous terracotta walls that permit water and air to flow freely through them. Most orchid lovers are particularly fond of our terracotta containers.

Plastic Pots

Our plastic orchid pots come in various sizes, shapes, and colours and are lightweight, nearly unbreakable, and affordable. 

In the wild, orchid roots are frequently in contact with light. Keeping that in mind, our pots are made of clear acrylic that replicates these conditions. 

If you tend to overwater your orchid, these pots are handy. It is simple to check the potting medium’s moisture level before watering in a clear plastic container.

Hanging Planters

Because they typically grow on trees, orchids frequently hang downward, forming a beautiful waterfall of blooms.

So why shouldn’t we treat our orchids the same way? 

You can hang your orchids in our hanging baskets. It may be incredibly innovative and distinctive while also saving space.

Orchid plant

Try Our Decorative Orchids Pots For Growing Orchids

To keep your orchids healthy and gorgeous, you must choose the proper pot, which can make a significant impact.

Then, all that’s left to do is admire your beautiful plants.

Plant Judo pots are gorgeous and comply with all care requirements for orchids. Additionally, we provide the proper guidance to grow healthy greens with the right steps. 

Don’t miss out on your chance to grow your plants and get that desired ambience! Consult our team now.



Use orchid pots the same way you would any other plant pot. You only pour your growth medium into the base. For an orchid, a bark mixture works wonderfully. Insert the root ball of the orchid into the pot, then add more growing medium to the area around the roots. 

The only exception you might encounter is an orchid pot with many air holes. 

In this situation, you may require our liner to stop your bark mixture from oozing ventilation holes. You can carefully remove your orchid from its pot once it has outgrown it and rehome it in a little more prominent planter.

Not necessarily. 

Even though clear pots are not mandatory, they allow orchids to develop with happier and stronger roots. 

Clear containers mimic the conditions in which orchids naturally grow by exposing roots to light and air. Additionally, they make it simpler to evaluate the moisture and health of the roots.

Repotted orchids need to be done while they are young, every year or two, or if the roots become crowded and start to push up and out of the pot. 

Time for a closer look at spring. You probably don’t pay much attention to your orchids when they aren’t in bloom, except for giving them water and fertiliser now and again.

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