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Wow Your Guests With Our Creative And Durable Plant Pots For The Front Door

Whether for your home or place of business, decorating your front porch improves the curb appeal of your outside entrance. The best approach to welcome guests is always with lush foliage and lovely blooms—a gesture of welcome that everyone can understand! 

Houseplants are essential for people’s health and well-being, according to 59% of plant buyers. Hence, whether you welcome guests into your restaurant or return from a day at work, this clean first impression puts everyone in a good mood.

Guy teenager caring replanting indoor plants in pots
Potted cactuses

Porch planters are a simple way to enhance your outdoor planting game. At Plant Judo, we have flower pots and planters available in various styles, dimensions, and hues, offering a great assortment of decorative items to experiment with. 

Furthermore, our plant pots are portable, providing you with the freedom to change the landscape of your front door to match your mood or a new design theme. Depending on the utility and time of year, you can also transport it quickly.

The most accessible approach to make your garden’s focal point stand out and increase the value of your home or business property is with front porch planters. 

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Significance Of Plant Pots For The Front Door

Are you interested in the idea of maintaining your very own garden filled with plants? 

Not sure if you have the time or room to maintain a sizable garden? 

A planter might be the best option for you in this situation

You can place planters anywhere you need them; they are essentially miniature gardens. Even at your front door, patios and balconies. A simple planter will ultimately improve the view of these areas.

Considering a planter for your front door but need a little additional motivation? 

We have compiled significant justifications for why getting a planter is wise for you.

It Brings A Room To Life

The best method to brighten up your entryway is with planters. These can be positioned in the most desolate and boring locations. Planters can be the perfect addition to dull old patios, windowsills with poor views, or a space that needs to be brightened up, such as your front door!

A cactus in pot wrapped in craft paper.
Cactus in pot

Plants Boost Spirits

Nothing compares to the joy of viewing a stunning rainbow of colours from a window. You can improve your view and mood by having a front porch flower.

It Is Not Limited To Growing Flowers

While flowers are lovely, planters don’t just have to contain them. They work well for cultivating a variety of herbs as well.


They Are Gorgeous

The planter container can also be aesthetically pleasing in addition to the flowers. The days of having few options for the container you use are long gone; today, you can choose from a wide variety of options from our store, including reusable materials!

Care of home plants

Front Door Planter Options At Plant Judo

In the same way, an outfit is never complete without jewellery; your house or workplace could always use some “bling” in the form of attractive front door flower pots. Anyone who walks by can admire your aesthetic. 

We offer ideas and planters for all types of decorations, whether you want a cheerful, charming decoration that appeals to kids, a rustic country display, or a more stylish flower pot decoration.

If you have little or no yard for a garden, front-door flower pot decorations are the ideal method to showcase your love of plants. Discover our favourite flower pot suggestions to give your outside space a splash of colour and individuality.

Pots of cactuses on shelf

Tall Planters

Tall planters are a sophisticated approach to liven up your front porch. Using a pair of our tall planters to frame your front door will make a statement in and of itself. Without taking up a lot of room, this gives your porch a startling and well-balanced visual interest.

If you want to achieve this straightforward yet timeless look, you could plant an evergreen to ensure that it looks excellent throughout all four seasons. It works well with all design aesthetics.

White Planters

The simplest solution is to go white because many other colours are available for front porch planters. Whiteness unifies the landscape, whether you use enormous white planters, mismatched white pots, or even a white lantern planter.

Our white plant pot set lets the flowers and plants speak for themselves. Between the white, their development and blossoms will show more. A white planter naturally complements all types of house decor, as is evident.

Hanging Planters

Traditional flower planters come to mind when people think about front porch planters. You can use our hanging baskets to change things up.

By doing so, you’ll be able to use the space over your head and the roof to give the illusion that plants are floating. Place your planters within robust baskets or hanging coir planter holders, being careful to do so.

Colourful Planters

Colour is a fantastic way to draw attention to front porches. Bright colours are inherently attractive, and seeing a home or business with a colourful front porch may be a cosy and pleasant sight.

Following a colour scheme is the most effective approach to achieving this. We advise businesses to select planters that are the same colour as their brand. For homes, it is recommended to use front porch planters that go with the colour scheme of the interior design.

Young Woman Potting Houseplants
Two Cactuses in Pots.

Neutral Coloured Planters

Neutral colours never go out of vogue. Choose our front porch planters in shades of white, black, grey, beige, or earth tones if you want a timeless style for your home or place of business that can endure through time.

Small-Footed Planters

If the eclectic design appeals to you, we have the perfect solution. Front porch planters don’t have to have dull, conventional designs.

Our small-footed planters are a distinctive and uncommon alternative that will give your garden a fascinating sense.

Lantern Planters

Lantern planters are lovely to look at and easy to install. Suppose you place succulents, small flowers, or other suitable plants within a small light holder. Leave this beautiful design on a bench, step stool, or even suspended from the ceiling. Your front porch will look better.

Let Us Find The Suitable Planter For You

Front porches shouldn’t be an afterthought when gardening and designing your residential or business property. After all, it is the first thing visitors notice when they come.

With Plant Judo, you can easily create your planter garden. Shop our selection of commercial-grade planters. They are available in various shapes and sizes appropriate for tabletops or prominent statement pieces and in various colours and finishes. 

Get in touch with us, and we can assist your porch planters’ dreams come true.

Close up hand planting a new plant on the garden while using working gloves.


Height is also an essential factor. Choose a planter at least as tall as the plant’s roots, plus an extra 1 to 2 inches at the top for watering. Regarding the planter’s size in your region, we always advise measuring it first.

The pot’s hue can impact the soil temperature and heat retention. It is more crucial if you have heat-sensitive plants or live in a harsher environment. Generally, the colour of the pots has a similar effect on the plant as the colour of your roofing does on your house.

Terracotta, which is an Italian word, is baked dirt. As a result, terracotta is considered environmentally friendly. Additionally, terracotta is a very environmentally friendly material due to its ease of resistance to heat and temperature, lifespan, strength, and ease of manufacturing.

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