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Get Your Hanging Planter Secured With Our Plant Pots for Fences Here at Plant Judo

If your yard is fenced in, you have the ideal opportunity to grow your garden in a very distinctive and lovely style. There’s always room for more lovely plants in your backyard, no matter how big or small it is, thanks to fence planters!

One of the most remarkable ways to make the most of your outdoor space is by using fence planters, which cover unused vertical space with your favourite plants and flowers. 

You can utilise planter boxes to give a pop of colour and elegance rather than a dull fence enclosing your property.

You can accomplish it in several ways, including using upcycling pallet wood or crates or Plant Judo’s plant pots intended explicitly for the task. 

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Benefits Of Having Fence Plant Pots

A fence provides the chance to effectively utilise any outside space, no matter how big or small it may be. But aside from that, fences can be used to enhance the home’s beauty in an area that is sometimes overlooked.

Additional advantages of utilising plant pots on a fence include:

  • Improving a home’s curb appeal. Fence planters improve a yard’s aesthetic appeal and guest appeal.
  • Offering the ideal chance to grow your garden. Fence planters are ideal for homes with small yards since they let you make the most of an underutilised location. It’s an excellent opportunity to experiment with vertical gardening.
  • Using it to block unwanted views. Grow fast-growing vines and trailing plants to hide boundary barriers.

We Have The Right Plant Pots For Your Fence Planter

The artistic fence planter box types below will help you brighten up your fence. Get an elegant approach with Plant Judo, and expand your garden while conserving space!

Cloth Plant Pots

Lightweight and straightforward to place on practically any fence, our cloth container with several pockets is an excellent option for your fence. 

Due to the grommets commonly included in our hanging cloth planters, mounting them to your fence with hooks, screws, rope, or zip ties is a simple process. 

Our cloth pots are best for leafy greens, tiny herbs, or other small plants because they are frequently shallow. If you want to cultivate bigger plants, you have options because some cloth pots are big enough to accommodate peppers and tomatoes.

Wooden Pots

Wooden pots are one of the top favourite pots of customers at Plant Judo. 

They are best for growing food plants, succulents, or vibrant blooms. They can be mounted on the fence or leant against it. 

We recommend you mount your pallet planter to the fence if you have young children or animals that frequent the area.

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Lots of flower pots on the dresser.

Flower Pots

Fence flower pots are ready-made, mobile, free-standing planters typically placed atop fence rails. 

At Plant Judo, we use hooks, brackets, or other mounting gear, so that it can be secured and mounted to fences properly. They offer greater mobility and portability than built-in fence planters. You may move the plants quickly if they need to be moved indoors or to another location.

Our fence flower pots are available in various styles, materials, and hues. It is typically constructed of ceramic, terracotta, stone, plastic, and resin. 

We have other metal fence flower pots, although they usually serve as beautiful cache pots for holding regular plant containers. 

Fence flower pots are regarded as the “go-to” solution for most homeowners because they don’t need to be installed. Showcase each and every bloom in your yard with our fence planter.

Paper Plant Pots

If you are searching for something durable, eco-friendly, portable, and reasonably priced, try Plant Judo’s pressed paper pots.

The good thing about these pressed paper pots is that you can always paint them any colour you choose.

Our pressed paper pots are excellent for insulating soil heat. However, you might have to change them every year.

Ceramic Pots

If you are looking for pots with lovely designs, ceramic is possible. They don’t experience the same problem with water seeping out as terra cotta.

You can purchase ceramic pots in any colour and appealing design with us.

Make sure the ceramic pots you select have bottom drainage.

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Fibreglass Pots

One of the more modern choices for growing plants is using fibreglass pots. They are more affordable than ceramic ones and more lightweight and sturdy.

Like ceramic pots, you may find fibreglass pots in various colours and designs at Plant Judo.

Metal Pots

Metal pots are available in two colours: their original metallic finish or a custom hue.

Metal pots may be made of iron, copper, or aluminium material. Pots made of iron and copper can be relatively expensive and hefty because of their excellent quality.

At Plant Judo, you will find aluminium pots that are lightweight, affordable, and resistant to rusting like iron. Using them is a wise decision.

If you need more pots for your fence, you can browse more from our selection or talk to our experts regarding the best plant pots for fences.

Plant Judo Will Help You In Growing Herbs On Fence

Fence planters are a clever way to make the most of small spaces since they let you grow plants on various levels. In fact, herbs and many vegetables are plants that do well in vertical gardening and thrive. 

They don’t require a large plot of soil for growth because they are grown in little quantities. You can cultivate herb gardens in fence pots to use a small space and produce more. 

Its benefits in gardening include convenience because it reduces the untidy and taxing task of digging and nurturing. Additionally, your herbs receive more outstanding care and attention because they are readily available. 

You won’t have to worry about pets or tiny animals ruining your crops.

Pot plant
Lemon tree plant growing indoors

Chives, basil, oregano, sage, mint, parsley, and cilantro are a few herbs that are typically cultivated in fence planters. Because they are regularly planted and harvested, microgreens are also perfect for vertical gardens in fences.

At Plant Judo, we have several plant pots for herbs, including various materials, designs, and sizes that one can pick from, ranging from canvass planters with pockets too small resin hanging pots.

Get that smart garden starting with our flower box, plant stands, ceramic pot, and many more from our selection.

For more gardening-related queries, you can consult our expert team!


Selecting the right size pot for plants is crucial because it will affect how well they develop.

The pot should always be one size larger than the growing plant. What kind of plant you are cultivating will determine this.

Taller and larger pots are required for plants with deep roots and broad growth patterns. 

A large plant shouldn’t be grown in a small pot since the roots risk becoming root-bound. It indicates that they have outgrown the pot’s soil. They will receive fewer nutrients, and their growth will be poor. They could get illnesses and pass away.

Additionally, you don’t want the plant to grow in a pot too large. It will be an issue because the roots will burn because they will have more nutrients than they require.

You can remove the plant and repot it when it gets bigger.

Because it may affect how much heat the pots hold, the colour of plant pots is significant. Darker pots absorb more light and hold heat for longer than lighter ones. The hue you select should be determined by the local climate.

Fibreglass planters are an excellent choice for planting containers on your patio, balcony, or rooftop terrace because they are robust and weather resistant in cold and hot regions. 

It means that your fibreglass planter will continue to look fabulous all year, even in places with considerable activity.

Buy excellent quality fibreglass pots at Plant Judo.

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