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Boost Your Plant Health And Decorate Better With Our Pretty Plant Pots For Bedroom

Plants in your bedroom can do more than make your bookshelf look brighter. They can also improve your mood, raise creativity, lower stress levels, boost productivity, filter air pollutants organically, and much more.

Most people don’t realise how important good air quality is. Our homes’ insulation, paint, and furnishings frequently release poisons like formaldehyde and benzene into the air we breathe inside. 

With plants around, they will help filter the air for better oxygen accumulation. Through the holes in their leaves, plants can absorb hazardous pollutants, filtering and purifying the air you breathe daily.

In addition to their numerous health advantages, bedroom plants can provide a lovely decorative touch and a cheerful spirit to any indoor environment, including your sleeping area.

But you can’t decorate your bedroom with plants without a pot, right? That’s why we’re here.

Learn about the best plant pots for your bedroom with Plant Judo. 

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The interior of a bright bedroom with indoor plants.
Black metal rack shelving with plants in the bedroom.

Gains From Bedroom Plants

One of the many advantages of having plants in the bedroom is that they can enhance the air quality

Numerous illnesses, including respiratory issues, sore throats, colds, and even breakouts, are attributed to dry indoor air. By exuding water vapour during transpiration, indoor plants contribute to maintaining and, in some situations, raising humidity levels. 

Plants also release negative ions that are much greater in volume compared to those produced by high-end air purifiers. Dust, mould spores, bacteria, and allergies are just a few examples of the airborne particles that the negative ions can adhere to and successfully eliminate.

Another advantage aside from purifying the air– an underrated benefit– is that houseplants have a relaxing impact on people. It is an ideal complement to your bedroom, where you often relax and rest. 

Houseplants can transform your bedroom into a zen retreat to aid in falling asleep more quickly and staying asleep longer, boosting the quantity of sleep you get.

Use Plant Pots From Plant Judo To Decorate Your Bedroom

Plant Judo helps you with the basic parameters for organising your potted plants. For whatever decorative concept you have, we house the perfect plant pots for you.

Linear Pattern

Whether straight, curved, diagonal, or any other formation, lines elicit various emotions that affect how we view a specific location. 

In addition, different lines can be combined to produce a variety of planes and shapes based on the ambience you want to set, and they can be emphasised or, on the other hand, softened using light, colours, and patterns.

Concept Of Resemblance

At Plant Judo, we have specific pot shapes that can resemble the other decorative items in the space to blend in rather than add contrast. 

It is a straightforward approach to balancing a space of pot gardens or a collection of pots. For instance, square or rectangular fibreglass planters can better balance a box-shaped space, while circular containers are a great addition to spaces with many curving architectural aspects.

Light spring bedroom interior, bed, white chair, glass with yellow tulip
Asian woman reading a magazine in the bed

Create Visual Illusions

Another aspect you should consider when choosing your containers is the visual illusion you hope to create. 

For instance, wider-than-tall planters can draw attention to the horizontal lines in a space, giving the room a sense of stability and foundation. You can also employ pots that draw attention to a room’s horizontality to raise one or more focal points to eye level. 

On the other hand, tall planters that draw attention to an area’s verticality work better to give the impression of height in compact areas.

Give Spacious Vibes

Finally, using tapered planters might suggest diagonal patterns. Although there are no diagonal lines in planters, the illusion of a diagonal arrangement is created by the narrow bases sweeping up to broader holes. 

We have some beautiful tapered plant pot options that can give your landscaping project a feeling of freedom, vitality, and movement while giving the illusion that it is more significant than it is because they draw the attention upward.

Pots With Proper Drainage

Always pick a container with drainage holes, so the potting soil doesn’t stay overly wet after watering your houseplants. Our pots are designed to initiate proper drainage so that plant roots can receive oxygen by having the excess readily exit through the bottom of the pot. 

Also, dump any saucer or tray underneath the pot to avoid the roots absorbing too much moisture and to prevent water spillage on your bedroom floor from excess water.

Drainage pots are suitable for general purposes. What if you want to put them in your bedroom, though?

The secret is approaching it like a cachepot, a word for a decorative exterior container that conceals a smaller, simple container with drainage holes where your plant is growing. 

Visit the Plant Judo store to get some good cachepots for your bedroom plants.

Young woman cleaning plant in bedroom. girl in casual clothes takes care of plants at home.
A corner in the bedroom with a bed and a large green ficus plant in clay pot.

Recognise Your Plant Pot Style

Pick a pot that you adore for its design and look. Today, ceramic pots are the most often used pots for indoor plants. They come in a wide variety of designs, hues, and dimensions.

When it comes to storing indoor plants, clay pots were once the most popular option. Attractive, weighty, and porous, clay containers are perfect for large plants (suitable for Bromeliads, Cacti, Ferns, Orchids, and Succulents). 

We recommend you try Plant Judo’s lightweight pots that are affordable, easily cleaned, and come in various colours and patterns. 

We also provide metal, glass, glazed pottery, treated or rot-resistant wood, basketry, and other materials you can use to make pots for indoor plants.

Get Started With Your Bedroom Plant Decor

We hope these pointers and suggestions for picking and setting up your potted plants or flowers will help you get started. 

And if you are seeking some premium pots to complement your bedroom’s decor right now, check out Plant Judo for further advice. 

To learn more about home design and gardening advice, you can also contact us and speak with one of our specialists.

Stylish Bedroom


Despite many advantages of indoor plants, there are conflicting views on whether or not they should be kept in bedrooms. 

Some people think it might be dangerous because, while plants produce carbon dioxide at night as a reaction to photosynthesis, humans, and animals do it more abundantly than plants.

Contrary to popular belief, carbon dioxide is often safe in modest concentrations. 

To learn which plants are good to keep in your room and what safety measures you should take, consult our experts.

What you are searching for in a plant will determine the most incredible bedroom plant for you. 

We have various plant options that purify the air in your home, even at night. 

We recommend you put an aloe vera or snake plant in your bedroom. The golden pothos is also a good choice if you want a plant that absorbs scents and cleans the air. 

Choose the ideal bedroom plant with Plant Judo and compare each one’s health advantages and maintenance recommendations.

The colour of plant containers is significant since it may impact how much heat they absorb. Darker pots than lighter ones will absorb more sunshine and hold heat for a more extended time. The local climate should influence your colour selection.

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