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How To Propagate Basil

Basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow, the tastiest, and the most popular herbs for your herb garden. It is pretty easy to propagate basil plants in two different ways. Here are some tips on propagating basil.

Basil Seeds for Planting

When planting basil seeds, you should plant basil seeds in an area that gets six to eight hours of sunlight every day.

The soil must have a neutral pH for plants to grow well. Cover the seeds with about 1/4-inch (6.5 mm.) of soil after planting them in a row. Plants should be thinned once they grow to about 5 to 10 inches (15-30.5 cm.) in height.

Planting basil indoors is also possible. The basil should be placed in an area that receives daily sunlight and watered every seven to ten days.

The Best Way To Propagate Basil From Cuttings


It is easy to propagate basil from cuttings. Taking a four-inch (10 cm.) basil cutting at the leaf node is simple. Leaves should be removed.

Basil cuttings should not have flowered yet. You can then place your basil cutting on a windowsill where it will get good sunlight in a glass of water. Your basil propagation will grow roots more quickly if you use a clear glass. Let the basil propagation roots grow until they reach about 2 inches (5 cm.) tall, then change the water every few days until you see root growth.

It can take two to four weeks for this to happen. The roots of your basil cutting can be planted in a pot indoors once they reach a length of 2 inches (5 cm. ). Choose a location where the plant will receive direct sunlight. You can share your basil by propagating it.


You can give new basil plantings as gifts to your friends or housewarming gifts to new neighbors now that you know how to propagate basil.



Is it possible to grow basil in pots again?

Your newly potted plants will flourish in a sunny spot, whether indoors or in a greenhouse. Give them a great soak, and let them do what they do best. You’ll get months of fragrant harvests from these plants and pay only for one pot.

Basil plants can live for a very long time, right?

Basil plants have different lifespans depending on how they are cared for. It may survive six months indoors, where the cold winters are less likely to threaten it. Nevertheless, basil grows for about four to five months in warm, sunny conditions if planted in the ground.

After basil flowers, is it still good?

All parts of the basil plant are edible. Even after the basil plant flowers, all parts remain edible. Basil may taste milder after flowering.