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How To Grow Carrots From Carrots

Growing carrot tops is a great idea! Carrot tops have fern-like foliage that looks beautiful in a container garden and are one of the easiest plants for junior gardeners to grow. Once the flowers bloom, they have lacy white petals. You will be able to grow carrot tops from carrots in just a few days with no special equipment – a great bonus when working with kids!


Carrots: how to grow them

We are saying that you can grow carrots, not grown from carrots. Kids love this orange vegetable because it’s a taproot and cannot grow back. Tell your children about this before you begin the project. Otherwise, people won’t be pleased if they’ve grown carrots. Carrot tops can be grown in three ways. They are fun for kids and have a high success rate.

Water Method

Carrots can be grown in water. Remove the tops from grocery store carrots. The carrot stump should be balanced on a small glass with a toothpick on either side. You’ll likely end up with mineral stains.

The glass should be filled with water until reaching the stump’s bottom edge. Hang it in a window that is bright but not too sunny. Sprinkle water on the leaves to keep them moist.

Pie Plate Method

A glass or ceramic pie plate with marbles can be used to grow carrot tops from carrots. On the bottom of the plate, arrange the one-inch stubs of the veggie and cover them with a single layer of marbles.

Carrots can consistently be grown in water, but the marble tops determine their level. They will make a spectacular display when planted in a pot.

Newspaper Method

Last but not least, you can sprout carrot tops on any type of plate and multiple layers of newspaper. Put the newspaper on the bottom of the plate and spritz it with water. There shouldn’t be any standing water. You’ll see the roots spreading as you place the carrot tops on the paper. Make sure the paper is wet.

Once the new plants have rooted well, your kids can plant them in the soil. The new plants should grow pretty quickly, and if you’re lucky, little gardeners will be delighted with their reward.


That’s it! Following these steps will help you grow carrots from carrots. Comment below if you have any experience with this!



When does a carrot grow from a carrot?

Amount of time left until maturity. Depending on the type of carrot you grow and your local climate, it takes time from planting a carrot until it is ready for harvest. Carrots generally take 75 to 80 days to mature.

Is it possible to plant sprouted carrots?

A sunny window is the best place to place the dish. Roots will sprout from the bottom of a carrot stump, and a lacy green plant will grow from the sprouts. Place more than one sprouted carrot on a pie plate and cover it with water and marbles.

When should carrots be planted?

Carrots grow best in cool temperatures during the early spring and late fall. It is ideal for carrots to be grown at night at temperatures of 55 degrees F and during the day at 75 degrees F. Hot temperatures result in carrots that are poorly colored and of low quality.