Plant Judo

Fascinating Plant Statistics for Plant Parents, Plantfluencers and Home Gardeners

Plants are still having a moment right now. More people are buying them, more people are caring for them, using them to decorate their homes and offices and yes, more people are eating them. This is all thanks in large part to millennials and Gen Z plant parents, plantfluencers, the plant-based movement, and the work-from-home lifestyle that the pandemic compelled. But how about some actual numbers to demonstrate this plant-based

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Arizona Outdoor Plants

The Complete Guide to Growing and Caring for Outdoor Plants in Arizona

Arizona is known for its warm weather and gorgeous scenery. However, one downside to living in Arizona is the lack of shade during hot summer days. If you want to enjoy the benefits that the sun gave to us, you’ll need to get some plants. The 10 Best Outdoor Plants in Arizona 1. Acacia When considering which outdoor plant to add to your landscape in Arizona, Acacia might be a

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Best Plants for Zone

The Best Plants for Zone 6 – A Beginner’s Guide to Plant Care

Plant hardiness zones are a great way to ensure you get the right plants for your garden. It is essential to know what plants grow best in your area and which ones you should avoid. There are four plant hardiness zones, each with different temperatures, rainfall amounts, and sunlight hours. If you want to plant trees or flowers that need specific conditions, it is recommended that you follow the guidelines

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Guide to Indoor Plants

The Complete Guide to Indoor Plants in Low Light Conditions

This is an excellent article for those looking for ways to add some greenery to your indoor spaces without having to go out and buy a big, expensive plant. Hanging plants are a great way to do this, and they can be placed in any room in the house. They only require a little light, so they’re perfect if you have a small space or want to keep your plants

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Plants Produce Oxygen

Top 8 Plants That Produce Oxygen

Plants are an important part of our ecosystem. They can help us produce oxygen in the atmosphere and provide us with food, water, and shelter. Plants are one of the sources of carbon dioxide that we need to have in our atmosphere to live on Earth. The best oxygen producing plant are those that have leaves or stems that can take in a lot of air at once. Some plants

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Best Plants for Crested Geckos

The Complete Guide to Crested Gecko Plants

A crested Gecko is a small lizard that can be found in Madagascar. The crested Gecko has two different colour morphs, which are albino and leucistic. There are three subspecies of the crested Gecko, which are the Grande Kera-Kera Gecko, the Boulenger’s Crested Gecko and the Jane’s Crested Gecko. They are well known for their crest and ability to climb up walls. Crested Gecko care consists of finding the right

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Best Plants for Coco Liners

Spotted: The Best Coco Liners For Your Plant!

Coco liners are a popular choice for people who want to plant a garden but do not have a lot of space. They are also a good option for people who want to grow plants that are not easy to find in stores. Many different plants can be used as coco liners, and we will tackle it now! The 10 Best Plants for Coco Liners 1. The Wandering Jew Coco

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The Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants

In terms of our health, well-being is a top priority, and the quality of the air around us can have a significant impact. Although some might say they can easily solve this by using air purifiers – air-purifying plants are also a great way to boost the cleaning process and revamp your space at the same time. The air we breathe isn’t always pure – the presence of airborne toxins,

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Do You Need To Lower Your Blood Pressure? Try These Herbs!

Herbs have traditionally been used to lower blood pressure, and some evidence suggests that they may be more effective than medications. Several herbs help reduce blood pressure. It is important to note that not all herbs are effective for all people, so it is essential to speak with a healthcare provider before taking any herbal supplements. The 20 Best Herbs for Blood Pressure 1. Basil Basil, one of the herbs

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