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Best Plants For Window Sill

10 Windowsill Plants To Style Up Small Spaces

Young woman tending potted plants on windowsill

There are a variety of plants that can be used to add style and life to a small space on your windowsill, like succulents or philodendrons. Some plants are perfect if you want to spruce up your windowsill with a little greenery.

Check out some of the best windowsill plants to find the perfect addition to your home.

Venus Flytraps

If you’re looking to spruce up your windowsill and add a touch of green, there’s no better windowsill plant than Venus flytraps. These fascinating plants have lobed leaves that can be arranged in an almost infinite variety of patterns, making them perfect for adding personality to any space.

Their vibrant blooms are a sight to behold, especially in the springtime. If you’re interested in bringing this natural beauty inside, be sure to give Venus flytraps a try!


Pelargoniums are considered the best plant to style your windowsill. They have long, narrow leaves that can easily reach the top of the window and various heights to choose from. Pelargoniums also have fragrant flowers that can be used in bouquets or floral arrangements.

Additionally, they can be grown in most climates and are easy to care for. They require little maintenance and will thrive in most soil types.

Philodendron Birkin

Houseplant philodendron Birkin on the windowsill by the window. Growing and caring for indoor plant

Philodendron Birkin is the perfect windowsill plant to style your windowsill. This plant will surely add colour to any room with its star-shaped leaves and vibrant colours. Philodendron Birkin is also low maintenance, so you can enjoy its beautiful foliage without worrying about it growing too quickly or requiring much attention.

Not only is this plant easy to care for, but it’s also relatively affordable, making it a great option for anyone on a budget. If you’re in the market for a new window decoration, don’t miss out on Philodendron Birkin – it’s sure to be a hit with any gardener!

Monstera obliqua

Monstera Obliqua is the perfect plant for styling your windowsill. It has interesting, spiky leaves are a great addition to any room, and its large, impressive flowers can be stunning in any setting.

This plant is perfect if you want to add a little life to your empty corner or create an eye-catching display. Plus, with its long bloom period, Monstera obliqua will impress anyone who comes into your home – even if they’re not particularly interested in plants!


Echeverias are the perfect plants for styling your windowsill because they are easy to care for and look great all year-round. There are different types of echeverias so that you can find the perfect one for your home. They grow quickly, so that you can have them in place in a few months.

They have lush and colourful leaves that can easily be arranged in various styles. Additionally, they are very low maintenance and require very little water to thrive. If you want to add lush greenery to your home, echeverias are perfect.


Cacti are one of the best plants for styling your windowsill. Cacti make a great decoration for any room in your house – whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. And since they require little maintenance, they’re perfect for people who are busy or don’t have time to take care of plants properly.

If you’re looking for a plant to add personality to your home, try a cactus! They’re worth trying out if you haven’t already done so. 


Poting cactus plant

Succulents are the perfect plants to style your windowsill. They have a soft texture, so they’re not too loud or overwhelming. Plus, succulents are drought tolerant, so you can be sure they’ll survive even in the harshest climates. Succulents also look great with many colours and patterns, so you can find one that appeals to your personality.

Pilea Peperomioides

If you want to style your windowsill with a beautiful accent plant, choose Pilea Peperomioides. This window plant is easy to care for, making it perfect for novice gardeners. Pilea Peperomioides have long, thin leaves that cascade down the stem. The leaves are green on the top and purple on the bottom, giving this plant a striking appearance.

African Violet

There is no denying that African Violet is among the most popular plants. But many people don’t know that they are also perfect for styling your windowsill. Not only do they look great, but they can also add a touch of colour and life to a dull space.

Whether you want to create a striking border or add a splash of colour to your window, African Violets will be a perfect choice.


Rosemary is the perfect window plant. It has a strong, woodsy scent that will fill your home with fragrance, and its soft needles will keep your window looking clean and stylish. This plant is incredibly easy to care for – give it water when needed, and you’re good to go!


Aeoniums are the perfect plants for styling your windowsill. They come in various colours and shapes, so you can find one that matches your style. They have long leaves that look great when cascading down the plant pot’s side. Their flowers are small but very colourful so they won’t detract from your view of the outside world.



When decorating small spaces, plants are a great way to add personality and life. There are many options for plants that can be styled to fit in any space, no matter how small.

If you’re looking for beautiful plants to fit into your small home decor, check out these ten best Windowsill plants! Not only are they low-maintenance, but many of these plants also have beautiful flowers that add elegance to your space.

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Can I grow plants on a sunny window sill?

Yes! Windowsill gardens are an excellent alternative for home gardeners without many outdoor areas because they are simple to set up and can be done in smaller homes like apartments.

What plants can grow under glass?

Many plants can grow well under glass, both small and large. A few examples include ferns, orchids, succulents, and cacti. Choosing a plant that will fit the window size and condition is important.

For example, a smaller orchid might be the best choice if your window is small. An orchid with larger flowers might be better if the window is bigger.

Is a sunny window sill in direct sunlight?

Yes! Direct sunlight refers to sunlight in which the direction of light from the sun to the plant is a direct line. For instance, the majority of window sills receive direct sunlight.