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Best Plants For Dorm Rooms

The 10 Best Plant Ideas For Dorm Rooms

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If you’re looking for some greens to care for in your dorm room, look no further than some of the best plants around. You can make your room look like a nature reserve with a little effort and creativity.

Why You Should Have A Dorm Plant

Dorm plants are a great way to add life and vibrancy to a dorm room. They can brighten up a spartan living space with their natural beauty and bring laughter when shared with roommates or classmates. Dorm plants are also great for use in the garden during the summer, as they produce oxygen-rich seeds that will grow in the soil.

The Best Plants For Your Dorm Room

We shall discuss the best plants for your dorm room!


Succulents are perfect for the dorm room. Various succulent plants can be grown in a dorm room, and they all have unique features that make them perfect.

The Boston fern is one of the best succulent plants for the dorm room. Boston fern is a hardy plant that can grow in most climates, making it an excellent addition to any dorm room. They come in various colours and shapes and grow quickly in most cases.

Another great succulent for the dorm room is the bearded plant. Bearded plants are typically used as decorations or personal pieces; they are also very hardy plants that can survive unfavourable conditions. They come in various colours and patterns, so you can find one perfect for your needs.

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Aloe Vera

Many plants can be used in the room, but one that is often recommended is the  Aloe Vera plant. This indoor plant has a long list of benefits for humans and is a good dorm room plant to use if you want to help keep your dorm clean and free of dirt and debris. Aloe Vera also helps to improve circulation in the room, which can be helpful if you have an office or bedroom near your bed.


When it comes to plants, there are many options out there. While some may be better than others, bromeliads are worth considering for your dorm room. It is a perennial plant that can care for itself and grow in colder climates. Moreover, it produces beautiful flowers that add colour to your bedroom. If you’re looking for an addition to your dorm room that will look great and perform well, the bromeliad is the indoor plant for you!

Fiddle-leaf Fig Tree (Ficus lyrata)

The Fiddle-leaf fig tree (Ficus lyrata) is always on the list. This is because this dorm room plant can be used in various ways in the home: as a decoration, a source of direct light and shade, and even a source of fresh air.

One great thing about using a Fiddle-leaf fig tree in your home is that you don’t have to be worried about its size. It can even grow quite large if given enough space. And because this plant loves sun and shade, it can be established anywhere in your room.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron is a great plant for your dorm room. The philodendrons are low maintenance and come in many colours to fit any room style. They also have very long taproots that make them difficult to eradicate from areas.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is the best plant for your dorm room. It is a beautiful, peaceful plant that can help you relax and de-stress. Peace Lily is also a great addition to any room because it can be used as a footlight or accent piece. If you are looking for a beautiful, peaceful plant to add to your dorm room, look no further than Peace Lily!


If you’re looking for a plant to help with the atmosphere and ventilation in your dorm room, then Hoya is the best option. Not only does this plant have thick leaves that can help keep things clean, but it also produces blooms that add colour to the room.


If you’re looking for a plant that will provide shade and oxygen to your dorm room, look no further than Pothos. This hardy plant is adaptable, meaning it can be placed in any position to reduce the heat and noise of living in a dormitory.

Additionally, Pothos is low maintenance, requiring simple care instructions to keep it looking its best. So go ahead and give Pothos a try – you won’t regret it!

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

Lucky Bamboo is one of the best plants for your dorm room. It has long, thin stalks that are easy to grow and reach a great height. The plant also has a thick layer of petals that protect against pests and diseases. Lucky Bamboo is also a good source of water and nutrients.

Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica)

Lastly is the Money tree (Pachira aquatica). It is the best plant for your dorm room because it is drought-tolerant and can thrive in various climates. The tree can be grown in a pot or given as a gift. Money tree originally from Southeast Asia, this plant has become popular in North America because of its drought-tolerant ability and easy rooting system.

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Dorm room plants are a perfect addition to any dorm room. They are easy to care for and provide a healthy plant environment.

Different types of dorm plants are available, so it is important to find one that will fit your needs and environment. Here are some tips on choosing the right dorm room plants:

  • Research what types of plants are popular in your area before making your purchase.
  • Be sure to choose a species that can thrive in the environment you plan to live in.
  • Be sure to get an inch or two tall when you purchase your plant
  • Water regularly and give them indirect light (but not direct sunlight) during the day
  • Allow your plant to grow slowly so it can increase its strength and foliage
  • Enjoy watching your plants grow!

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Can you have plants in a dorm room?

It all depends on the preferences. Plants are a great way to add life and atmosphere to a dorm room. Whether in pots or hanging from the ceiling, plants provide an interesting and unique component to any dorm room. Many plants can be grown in a dorm room, so choosing the right one is important.

How do you keep a plant alive in a dorm?

Now that you know how to water and care for a plant in your dorm, the next step is to keep them healthy and alive. Here are some tips on how to do this:

1. Make sure the pot or container you use for your plant is big enough to accommodate their size. A small pot can only hold a limited number of plants at once, so make sure it’s large enough to accommodate your plants.

2. Put something on the bottom of the pot or container, so the water doesn’t drip onto the floor or desk where your plant is sitting. This will help prevent fungus from growing and becoming a problem for them later.

3. Change out their water every week or two if you don’t have time to do it yourself when you get there!

Which plant is best for students?

The best plant for students is the one they are comfortable with. For many, the plant that works best for them is the one they are familiar with and feel at home with. This can be a wildflower, a flower pot, or a home plant. Determining which one is best for someone depends on their personality and preferences.