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Best Plants For Balcony Privacy

20 Breathtaking Privacy Plants For Balconies

Gardeners hands planting flowers in pot with dirt or soil in container on terrace balcony garden.

People love to sit outside on their balconies and enjoy the calmness and serenity it provides. However, some people may feel uncomfortable sitting out there because they don’t want to be seen from outside the window or they want to keep their privacy from others. 

That’s where these beautiful balcony plants come in handy!

This is a list of 20 stunning plants that are perfect for balconies and provide privacy. Many types of plants are available in the market, but this list covers a wide array of options to choose what works best for your balcony.

Ornamental Grasses

Close-up of ornamental grass in the rays of the sun

Five ornamental kinds of grass you can use for your balcony privacy.

1. Bamboo Plant

The bamboo plant is a popular choice for balcony privacy. It can grow up to 10 feet tall and provides shade for the balcony during the summer months. It also has beautiful flowers that bloom in early spring and late fall, making it an attractive addition to any home or patio.

2. Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass is an excellent choice for balcony plants because it is drought-tolerant and grows quickly. It also has beautiful, deep green leaves that provide plenty of shade in the summertime and a rich, dark green color in winter.

3. Blue Dune Lyme Grass

Blue Dune Lyme Grass is one of the most popular balcony privacy plants. It’s a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t require much attention or water. It grows quickly, and its leaves can be used to make an attractive green curtain on your balcony or as a ground cover in your garden.

4. Japanese Forest Grass

Japanese Forest Grass is a plant with a long life span and can grow on balconies. It can also be used to block sound.

5. Fiber Optic Grass

This plant can create a balcony privacy screen by hiding the view from the outside world. This plant also has an attractive design with green color, making it easy to blend in with any environment.

Vining Balcony Plants

Five vining balcony plants you can use for your balcony privacy.

1. English Ivy

English Ivy is a great choice for balcony privacy plants because it can grow up to 3 feet tall. It has dark brown to green leaves and will add a touch of greenery to your balcony.

2. Star Jasmine

The Star Jasmine is a popular balcony privacy plant that produces white flowers. It grows to about 1-2 feet tall and has a glossy green stem with glossy dark leaves.

The Star Jasmine is an excellent choice for balcony privacy plants because it does not require much maintenance and can grow in low-light areas. It also has beautiful flowers perfect for weddings, events, or any other occasion where you want to add color to your space.

3. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea plants are commonly found in many homes and gardens. They are beautiful and can create privacy for balconies or patios.

Bougainvilleas are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a sense of calm and peace in the home or garden. They attract hummingbirds, butterflies, birds, and other insects.

Bougainvillea plants are a great option for balcony privacy because they grow quickly and require little maintenance.

4. Pothos

Pothos is a plant that can be grown in the home or office. It has long, trailing stems and leaves, making it a great option for privacy plants. These plants are known to be low maintenance, easy to grow, and thrive in different conditions.

5. Flame Vine

Flame Vine is a climbing plant that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. It has long leaves that can grow up to one meter long and small red flowers. The leaves are often used as decorative features on balconies or trellises.

Best Evergreen Shrubs For A Balcony

Close-Up View of Needles Shrub Siberian Stone Pine Pinus Pumila

Five evergreen shrubs and balcony plants you can use for your balcony privacy.

1. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular privacy plants used on balconies because of its soothing scent. It is also easy to grow and maintain, making it a good choice for those who don’t have much time to devote to gardening.

2. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular plants for balconies. They are known for their beautiful flowers that can last a long time.

The best part about these plants is that they don’t require much maintenance and can grow up to 20 feet tall. These plants are also great for reducing allergies and pollution because they have no leaves and flowers, which means they don’t produce pollen or other allergens.

3. Boxwood

Boxwood is a beautiful flowering plant that can be seen in many homes. It is also called the balcony privacy plant because it grows up to 2 feet tall and can cover a balcony or wall in just one season.

Boxwood is easy to grow, requires little maintenance, and will provide you with much beauty for years to come!

4. Arborvitae

The arborvitae (Arborvitae) is a deciduous tree or shrub that can grow up to 25 feet tall with white flowers in the springtime. It has attractive, shiny leaves that turn yellow in autumn. The leaves are also known to be edible.

5. Fuchsia

Fuchsia plants are a popular choice for balcony gardens because of the variety of colors and textures that they come in. However, these plants are not only beautiful, but they can also provide privacy to your balcony or patio.

Other Tall Balcony Plants

Here are five other tall balcony plants you can use for your balcony privacy.

1. Succulents

Succulents are a type of plant that can be grown in pots on balconies. They are not only beautiful but also easy to care for. Some succulent plants have been traditionally used as living privacy screens and still serve this purpose today, while others have become popular as decorative plants.

2. Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is a good plant for balconies because it can grow up to 1 foot tall and provides privacy during the summer months when the flowers bloom.

3. Hollyhock

Hollyhock is a plant that can be grown on balconies and decks. It has been used in gardens for centuries and is a popular choice for privacy plants.

It has large, heart-shaped leaves with reddish-brown edges and white flowers in the summertime. Hollyhock flowers are typically pink, but they can also be cream or white in color.

4. Marigold

Marigold is a balcony privacy plant that has been used to keep away unwanted guests from balconies. It can be grown in pots or on the ground, and its flowers attract butterflies.

Marigolds are annual plants that can grow up to six feet high and have flowers up to two inches wide. The bright yellow marigold flower attracts butterflies, which help pollinate the flower.

5. Majesty Palm Tree

Majesty Palm Tree is ideal for balconies because it does not need much water or soil and can survive in most types of soils. It also has a spherical shape, which protects it from the wind and allows for maximum sun exposure.


Balcony plants are a great way to add privacy and ambiance to your outdoor space.

The best plants for balconies have a low-light requirement, require little water, and don’t need much maintenance. Some of the most popular plants for balconies include Ornamental grass, Vines, and Evergreen Shrubs.

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How do I choose the best plant for balcony privacy?

Plants can be a great way to create privacy on balconies. However, choosing the best plant for balcony privacy is not as easy as it seems.

Consider the size of your balcony, your personal taste, and the type of plants you like. Different plants need different levels of care and maintenance. So before you choose a plant, make sure you know all its needs.

What can I plant on a full-sun balcony?

Many plants can be grown on a balcony. Some of them are annuals, while others are perennials. A good option is to grow herbs on a balcony.

Why do you need plants for your balcony privacy?

Plants make a space feel alive and natural and provide privacy for your balcony. They are a great way to add some life to the balcony.

They will help you keep your balcony private since they will block out the view of any nosy neighbors or passersby that may be looking in on you. 

Plants also help filter out harmful air pollutants and provide a soothing effect on your senses. They can also be used as decoration, providing an interesting focal point for your balcony.