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Best Outdoor Plants For Florida

Gardener hands picking and planting vegetable plant in the garden
Gardener hands picking and planting vegetable plant in the garden

One of the best things about living in Florida is the variety of outdoor plants that are available.

From rich, deep green oaks to bright, red palm trees, there’s a plant for practically every climate and situation. While you can’t go wrong with any of the traditional garden plants found in Florida, there are some new and exciting options that you may not have heard of. 

Some Of The Best Outdoor Plants For Florida 

Areca Palm

The areca palm tree is one of the most popular plants in Florida because of its beautiful green leaves that can filter out pollutants from the air. The tree has a long history as an ornamental plant, and many people use it as a houseplant or as an outdoor pot.

Areca Palm is an easy-to-grow, fast-growing, and low-maintenance plant that provides beautiful green leaves to filter out pollutants from the air. It also provides many benefits, making them multipurpose. 


Crotons are easy to grow, and they are perfect plants for outdoor pots in Florida. They also have beautiful, colourful flowers that will make your garden look like a tropical paradise.

Crotons are the perfect plants because they need little to no care. They are flowering plant that produces colourful flowers, and they can be grown in both full sun and partial shade. They take well to being planted outdoors and can thrive with little to no care.


This palnt has a beautiful green colour and flowers that are usually yellow or orange, but they can also be pink. Evolvulus is easy to grow and doesn’t require much care or watering. This plant can tolerate most types of soil, and its roots are very dense, so they don’t need a lot of space in the pot.


Hibiscus flower
Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus plants have flowers which can be fragrant or have little fragrance. They also have leaves which can produce different colours of green. Hibiscus flowers come in many colours, but the most popular ones are red and yellow.

The hibiscus plant is also known to be resistant to pest infestation as well as diseases like mealybugs, aphids, scale insects, spider mites and whiteflies.

Butterfly bush (Buddleia lindleyana)

The Butterfly Bush,also known as the Buddleia lindleyana, is an evergreen shrub that is native to the United States and Canada. It is often referred to as a butterfly bush because it has flowers that are shaped like butterflies. The plant can grow up to six feet tall, and it has small, glossy leaves that have a silvery-white colour.


The periwinkle is a plant that can be used as a ground cover, and it also provides beautiful flowers. It is also very easy to care for and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Periwinkle plants are perfect for Florida because they are hardy and resistant to pests like aphids and mealy bugs. They also have beautiful flowers that will provide colour all summer long.


The pentas are beautiful plants that can be grown in Florida. They are perfect for outdoor pots because they can survive the heat and humidity.

This is a great plant for Florida because it is drought-tolerant and grows well in direct sunlight. It also has thick, waxy leaves that provide shade from the sun, which makes it a popular choice for homeowners who want to keep their homes cool during the summer months.

The pentas have attractive flowers that come in different colours, making them an ideal choice for people who want to add some colour to their outdoor pots without killing the plants.


Coreopsis are plants that are perfect for outdoor pots in Florida. They come in a variety of colours, have beautiful flowers, and can survive on the little water they have.

Coreopsis is also known as tickseed sunflowers because of their sunflower-like blooms. They have a variety of colours, including yellow, orange, red, pink and purple.

Coreopsis is one of the few plants that can survive with just a little bit of water, and it is usually recommended to plant them in containers as they need more sunlight than other plants.


Gerbera is a perfect plant for outdoor pots in Florida. It is a perennial flower that can survive in full sun and has vibrant colours. It is also drought tolerant and not picky about soil.

Gerbera is popular for its vibrant colours and ease of care, but they are also very hardy and can survive with little care. They are ideal for outdoor pots because they don’t need much water or fertiliser, but they do require some shade during the hottest parts of the day.


There are many plants that can be planted and grown in Florida. However, a few plants are more suitable for this climate than others. This is because some plant species require more sunlight than others, and some need to be watered every day, while others need less water and less sunlight.

We hope this article helped you learn about the best plants for Florida!

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What is one of the best outdoor plants for Florida?

There are many plants that grow in Florida. Some of them are popular, like the palm tree. The most popular plant in Florida is the evergreen tree called the pine. Pines are a type of coniferous evergreen tree. The pine trees can be found in all three levels of Florida: lowland, upland and montane regions.

Can roses grow in Florida?

Roses can grow in Florida, but it is not easy. Roses need a lot of sun and water to thrive. It is also necessary for them to have rich soil that has a lot of nutrients. The area needs to be warm enough for the flowers to bloom.

The climate in Florida is not favourable for roses because it has a lot of humidity, and temperatures are too high during the day and too low during the night.

What is the fastest-growing plant in Florida?

The fastest-growing plant in Florida is the invasive vine kudzu. It can grow up to 40 feet in a single day, and its leaves are so large that they block out the sun from other plants.Kudzu has been a major problem for Florida since it was introduced in 1876 by Japanese farmers as an ornamental vine. It quickly spread, covering almost all of Florida’s landscape and became a thorny problem for farmers because of its ability to choke out native plants, degrade soil quality, and crowd out other vegetation.