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11 Best Plants To Grow Which Can Thrive In Arizona Summer

Arizona landscapes
Arizona landscapes

Arizona is known for intense summers, which can be challenging for plants. However, this state is not great for plants because of the extreme weather. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 11 plants that are hardy in Arizona and can survive the summer.

Eleven plants are best suited for the hot and dry climate of Arizona. They include the following:

Great Summer Flowers

If you love flowers and summertime, you’ll want to add Great Summer Flowers to your garden. This plant can withstand Arizona’s hot and dry weather, making it a great choice for those living in the state. Additionally, Great Summer Flowers is affordable and easy to care for, making it a perfect addition to any garden.

Mediterranean Vinca

The Mediterranean Vinca is one of the best plants for Arizona’s hot, arid climate. This plant grows quickly and densely, providing a green canopy over your garden or patio. Its long, sturdy roots can grow into the dirt, resisting drought and heat. The leaves are broad and glossy, giving the plant a deep green colour that contrasts well with the tan and red rocks of the desert.


Portulaca oleracea is a succulent plant that can survive in hot, dry climates. It is native to South America and can grow in open areas near highways or other busy areas. The leaves are small, and the plant produces small white flowers.

Portulaca oleracea is an easy-to-grow succulent that thrives in hot, dry climates. It can grow in open areas near highways or other busy areas, making it a great choice for those living in Arizona. The leaves are small, and the plant produces small white flowers, making it a perfect addition to any garden.


Pentas is the best plant for Arizona summers. It can tolerate high temperatures and rugged terrain. Pentas grows rapidly, creating a dense hedge in just a few years. Pentas can be used as ornamental or agricultural plants. 

It tolerates temperatures up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and can survive long periods of drought. Pentas also grow quickly and provide a lush green landscape that is attractive both from a distance and up close.


Beautiful bouquet with lisianthus and heather. Place for text. Concept for background, gift, holiday
Beautiful bouquet with lisianthus and heather. Place for text. Concept for background, gift, holiday

Lisianthus is a popular plant for home gardens because it tolerates hot, dry weather and is easy to grow from seed. Lisianthus grows well in most parts of the United States, but it’s especially popular in Arizona, where summers can be hot and dry.

Lisianthus, also known as summer lilies, is a popular choice for gardeners in the Southwest because it can withstand summer’s hot and dry weather. Lisianthus flowers are brightly coloured and attract butterflies. The plants grow quickly and are easy to care for; they need little water and fertiliser.


Hibiscus is the best plant to grow if you’re looking for a tropical flower in the summertime. It can survive Arizona summers with proper watering and care. They are easy to grow and require very little maintenance. All you need is regular water and sunlight. Hibiscus flowers come in many colours, from white to pink, red, and purple.


Honeysuckle is one of the most fragrant and beautiful plants you can grow in the desert. It thrives in warm temperatures and is known for its large blooms that are often seen hanging from trees or fences. This plant can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, making it a great choice for those who live in an area with variable weather conditions.

Additionally, honeysuckle is resistant to many pests and diseases, making it a good choice for gardeners who want to keep their plants healthy throughout the year


Gazania is the best plant to grow and can survive Arizona summer. Gazania grows quickly and has a long lifespan, so it will be great for a new or existing garden that needs extra attention. Its longsword-like leaves are easy to care for, producing beautiful flowers like pink and purple. Gazania is hardy in most zones but is especially hearty in the desert.

Golden Fleece

Undoubtedly, the golden fleece is one of the best plants to grow in Arizona’s hot, dry climate. This perennial grows quickly and can survive long periods of drought. It can also flourish in light shade or full sun, making it a great choice for any garden. The golden fleece has small, white blooms that are fragrant and attractive to bees and butterflies.


Adenium is a plant that can survive Arizona summer. It thrives in the heat and can grow up to six feet tall. The leaves are thick and leathery, making them resistant to scorching temperatures. Adenium is also prized for its flowers, which are bright pink with yellow centres. It has a natural fragrance that is popular among gardeners.


Bougainvillea and blue sky
Bougainvillea and blue sky

Bougainvillea is a beautiful perennial plant that can grow in any soil type. It can survive the Arizona summer because it has strong stem and root systems. Bougainvillea makes a great addition to any garden because it flowers for months and produces large, fragrant blooms.

Bougainvillea is a highly ornamental plant that thrives in warm climates. It is the best plant to grow to survive Arizona summer. Bougainvillea can handle temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and will not lose its colour or foliage in high heat. Bougainvillea also makes a great hedge or privacy screen because of its dense foliage and flowers.


If you’re looking for plants that will thrive in Arizona’s hot, dry climate, look no further than the 12 plants on this list! These plants are all hardy and can handle the scorching summer days and nights. They’re perfect for a garden or patio and add much-needed greenery to your landscape.

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What is the easiest plant to grow in Arizona?

There are many easy plants to grow in Arizona, but some of the most popular choices include succulents and cacti. Many succulents, such as aloe vera and euphorbia, can handle various temperatures and soil types, making them a great choice for gardeners who want an easy plant. Cacti such as barrel cactus and saguaro cactus are also very tolerant plants, which makes them a good choice for beginners.

What is the most popular plant in Arizona?

The most popular plant in Arizona is undoubtedly the cactus. Over 2,000 species of cacti are found in the state, making it one of the most diverse plant habitats in North America. Other popular plants in Arizona include the saguaro cactus, prickly pear cactus, and ocotillo.

Which plants grow fast in the summer season?

Bamboo is the fastest plant to grow in summer. Bamboo only takes six weeks to grow from a seed to a full-grown plant. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want a quick turnaround on their gardening project. Bamboo also gets the job done quickly; it can reach maturity within four months.