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10 Best Flower Plants For Hanging Pots!

Hanging potted plants at a plant store

Hanging pots are a great way to add color and beauty to any room. They can be used to house plants in warm, dry, or humid environments. Hanging pots come in various shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

A hanging pot is perfect for adding a little color to your room or sprucing up your plants. Many types of plants can be grown in hanging pots, and here are some of them.


When it comes to plants for hanging baskets, there is no need to look any further than Begonias. This plant is known for its beautiful flowers that can be seen in full sun. Not only do these flowers look great, but they also make great plants for your garden. 

These small plants can be hanged in baskets or placed on the porch railing to provide an interesting addition to your home. their long, slender stems make them easy to care for, and their delicate leaves make them perfect for season changes.


Verbena is the best plant that you can hang in baskets. It has a strong scent and provides a nice aroma. It is also very easy to care for. Verbena is a versatile plant that can be used in many ways. One way to use verbena is to hang it in baskets. Verbena is a great plant because it likes moisture and bright light. It also grows fast so that you can get a good harvest quickly.


Petunias are one of the most popular plants that can be hung in baskets. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also provide refreshments for the eye and mind. Petunias will develop into beautiful flowers when placed in an area with plenty of light and ventilation. They make a beautiful addition to any garden and add elegance to your home.


Osteospermum is a plant that is perfect for hanging in baskets. The plant is affordable, easy to grow, and has various benefits for the home garden. Osteospermum has evergreen leaves that are soft and round, making it an excellent choice for baskets. The leaves can also be used as decoration or as part of a bedding system. Additionally, the flowers are fragrant and colorful.

flowers in front of the house in hanging pots

Kokedama Orchid

If you’re a fan of flora and fauna, then you’ll love the Kokedama Orchid. This beautiful, tall plant can be found near wild bodies of water. It likes to grow in bright, sun-soaked conditions and produces many flowers at once. 

The orchids are easy to care for and are renewable, so you can keep them up all year round. This plant has a nice fragrance and can be grown in any season. When growing this type of orchid, it is important to take care of it as it will require full sun and moisture.


Heuchera is a beautiful and easy-to-grow plant that can be used to hang baskets. Heuchera has long, thin petals that are pink or red in color. The plant is annual and can reach up to 12 feet tall. The leaves are oval and have long, sharp points. Heuchera grows best in full sun or part shade. You will love how it smells and looks when you add Heuchera to your basket life!


Ferns are the best plant to hang in baskets because they are drought-tolerant, grow quickly, and have very pretty colors. They also make a great addition to any garden. Ferns are one of my favorite plants because they are easy to grow and hang in baskets. 

Ferns can flower in any season and produce fruits with a nice color, like red or orange. They are also good for cultivation in cold climates because they do well in partial sunlight or extreme cold.

String Of Pearls

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique plant to hang in your baskets, String of Pearls is perfect! This plant will make a statement with its delicate petals and pretty colors. Plus, it’s easy to care for – just water regularly and put it in bright light or direct sunlight whenever possible.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos is a beautiful plant that can be placed in baskets to add color to your garden. The sturdy branches offer plenty of support as you hang the plants, and the colors they produce are vibrant and soon fade with time. During the growing season, golden pothos will release a sweet fragrance that touches your nose if you sit next to it.

Growing Golden Pothos is easy as just growing any other type of plant. Add sun and water, and you will have a beautiful addition to your garden. Not only are the flowers pretty, but they make a great accent plant in any garden.


Last is the Pansies. When it comes to plants, pansies are a definite candidate! Pansies are small, easy-to-care-for flower that makes a great addition to any garden. These beautiful flowers can be placed in baskets or around the house as part of a natural decorum. They make an excellent addition to any garden or home.

Hanging Flower Pots
Hanging Flower Pots


Growing a hanging plant can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you want a cheerful and attractive addition to your garden, try the plants we have listed. These little plants can grow anywhere from small pots to large gardens, making them easy to care for. They make great scape plants or containers, and they will add color and interest to any room in your home.

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Can you put any plant in a hanging planter?

Hundreds of species can be cultivated successfully in hanging baskets, from brightly colored flowers and bedding plants to shrubs, evergreens, air plants, and trailing climbers. You can pick a single plant or mix other types.

What hanging plants don’t need soil?

Tillandsia. As an epiphyte, air plants can develop without soil. It is, therefore, the most similar plant to a no-care plant. Since it’s frequently presented in a glass globe, put it somewhere you can view it and appreciate its delicate beauty.

How many plants should you put in a hanging basket?

The typical rule for hanging baskets is to use one plant for every inch of the basket’s diameter, or 12 plants per 12-inch basket. For larger plants like geraniums (Pelargoniums), Surfinia petunias, culinary herbs, and fuchsias, you only need five plants per 12-inch hanging basket.